When Did Cyberbullying Start?


PLEASE HELP!!! i need primary sources about cyberbullying and how social networks might be the cause of cyberbullying.. or something like that! PLEASE HELP

Cyberbullying — National Crime Prevention Council

illinois gov site


Here's some detailed info

Interactive adventure game framed education concept (some links broken)

good ways to start an introduction on cyberbullying?

help i need help

Reference any one of the recent news stories about cyberbullying's effects (teen suicides being the worst).

What are some good arguments for an essay on cyberbullying?

I have to write an argumentative essay on cyberbullying. I'm having trouble coming up with a thesis. Any suggestions?

What's the difference between cyberbullying and bullying?

How do i start my introduction to my research paper"?

Its on cyberbullying and im just stuck! Thanks!

When I've been stuck on papers, I find it helps to not get to hung up on Intro, middle, conclusion. If you have and ideas at all just start writing and that gets the creative juices flowing. You can always copy,paste, delete, and move things around later. Cyberbullying is a huge topic so find and read some articles first. Maybe start by assuming your audience has never heard of it and give a quick definition. For me the key is to start writing, write anything, or you will look up and notice 2 hours has gone by and you spent all your time staring at the screen and cruising yahooanswers.

What the the effects of cyberbullying?

There are four types of cyberbullies: 1. The Vengeful Angel 2. The Power-Hungry cyberbully, which includes the following subset: 3. Revenge of the Nerds 4. The Mean Girls cyberbullies and 5. Inadvertent cyberbully ---------------------------- Bluetimemedia.com bluetimemedia

the effects of cyberbullying can range anywhere from nonserious to ..well..over-kill. as in the case of 13 yr old megan meier. she committed suicide after being the target of a cyberbully. less extreme effects can include loss of self-esteem,loss of freindships,feelings of alienation,dropping out of school or even out of society...feelings of anxiety and helplessness,loss of concentration in school or on the job. i didnt know what cyberbullying was until you asked this question. so i researched, you can find what i did by going here.....http://www.cyberbullying.org/

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