When Did Cuba Become Independent?

How did the United States "lose" Cuba as a territory?

So Cuba was a territory of US, right? Well when and how did that change? I've heard Cuba was and wasn't a territory of the United States. Which is true? I know about Guantanamo Bay but I just want to know if Cuba was ever a territory like Puerto Rico is. If they were a US territory, when did we 'lose' them? Was it before or after the Cuban Missile Crisis?

After the Spanish-American War, which gave Cuba its independence from Spain, the island of Cuba became a US Protectorate. That means it was an independent nation that could enact its own laws, but the US would protect Cuba in case of attack by another nation. In return, Cuba enacted commercial treaties with the US that were favorable to our nation. It remained pretty much so until 1959 when Castro took over and made Cuba communist and "protected" by the USSR.

What happened to Cuba after the Spanish-American War?

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Cuba became an independent nation following the Spanish-American War. However, Cuba was a U.S. protectorate until the 1950s. A protectorate is an independent nation or territory but it is protected militarily by a larger, more powerful nation. In return for diplomatic and military protection, the protectorate accepts certain obligations, usually dealing with commerce and/or natural resources.

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Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, in his first voyage. He founded a small village in the eastern area.
After that, Cuba was a Spanish colony until 1898, when became ruled by the USA after the Hispanics-American war.
Finally, in 1902 we were independent.

Then, we had democratic governments with some dictatorships until in 1959 fidel kastro deposed by force president Batista and established a comunist dictatorship that eliminated all opposition. That is the present situation

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When did Cuba revolt against Spain?

Cuba revolted against Spain with the help of the United States in the 1890s. This led to the Spanish-American War. The US helped Cuba because they were very interested in some of Cuba's resources. They were also sympathetic of Cuba, who was treated brutally by Spain, since the US had also once been under occupation. The US never officially claimed Cuba as its territory since Cuba longed for independence, but instead they tried to control Cuba with the Platt and Teller Amendments. Basically, the US helped Cuba revolt against Spain in the US's Imperialist Era, but Cuba was never acquired since it wanted independence.

Did Cuba belong to the United States after the Treaty of Paris?

it says "The Treaty of Paris provided that Cuba would become independent from Spain but the US congress made sure it would be under US control (Platt Amendment)." what does that mean?

Cuba has never been a part of the United States, nor has it ever belonged to it. The Platt Amendment stated that the U.S. would intervene in the affairs of Cuba should it become necessary.

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