When Did Coke Start?

What non alcaholic drinks can you make with coke?

like sprite and coke together... I have a blender too if i can like put a banana and a coke together to make a drink.. Please help.

My uncle used to drink coke and milk together, and he used to say it was the best drink invented and thats the only drink he used to have besides water and sometimes tea in the afternoon, how about gingersoda or cream sodawith coke and maybe drop a few tinned cherries in.

What are healthy alternatives for Soda intake?

My family constantly warns that consuming a lot of soda is bad for my health, and that I should try to drink more water instead. The truth is: water does not help quench my thirst, or at least it does not massage my throat like the acid in sodas does. And my favorite is coke ( coke as in soda and should not be misunderstood for illegal drugs), and I believe I am addicted to it. What other drinks may I use to replace coke, and are healthy ones, and please suggest something in cans so I can bring with me on the go. Cost is also a concern. Thanks. Dad.

Regardless of what others say I suggest you continue with Coke and try Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Coke, Pepsi Max.
See which tastes the best. My preference is Pepsi Max, bit if Coke Zero is cheaper I will buy that.

Why did they start making Coke with High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of cane sugar?

I read on Wikipedia that when Coke reintroduced the original formula in the 80's, after the "New Coke" fiasco, they started using HFCS instead of cane sugar, so really the original formula never came back. Why did they switch?

Coke still uses cane sugar in the formula bought in other countries but there is a unique situation in the United States that makes HFCS actually cheaper to use here.

How many parts coke to tia maria?

Hey :) So im going to a party tonight and its a bring your own drink affair, and my friend suggested tia maria and coke to me. Now, i'll be the first to admit, im a bit naive when it comes to mixing stuff (I usually just take what im given or go for the cans :P) so I was wondering how many parts coke should I use? Thanks

I love Tia Maria and coke but I don't worry about how many parts coke to spirits. It is personal taste. Even if you went to a bar/pub then they would do the standard measure eg single or double of the Tia Maria and then usually ask you how much coke you want added. Also if you are at home it will depend on the size glass and how much spirit you put in. So for example if you have a small tumbler glass and there is about a quarter of Tia Maria in the bottom then add coke to up to three qtrs. If it is too strong then add more coke - if too weak then add more Tia Maria. There is no set way it is personal preference. I hope this helps and have fun at your party x

Has coke switched to sucrose?

I've noticed recently that from several different places the Coca-cola I've purchased has sucrose in it rather than high fructose corn syrup. Is this a permanent change and if so what has prompted the move?

If you're in the US and you purchased your Coke from Wal-Mart (in the glass bottles only) then you have sugar (sucrose) instead of HFCS. The Coke in the glass bottles are imported from Mexico. The Coke in the aluminum cans are still made in the USA and still use HFCS.

Coke in the USA is still HFCS. I don't forsee Coke USA changing... Other countries use sucrose, Mexico for example.

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