When Did Cloud Computing Start?

we can configure cloud computing in our server?


yes you can configure cloud computing in your servers. You need software from VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft any one of those.

You can use vCloudDirector from VMWare
You can use SCVMM and Cloud Applications from Microsoft
You can use Citrix cloudstack.
You can use Rackspace OpenStack and configure to use cloud computing.

You can look at this book to know more about cloud computing and various types of options available. This is an indepth source http://www.amazon.com/First-Steps-Cloud-Computing-ebook/dp/B0083TC47C/

Where should i start if i were to learn about cloud computing?

I'm extremely excited about this whole new concept of a Server maintaining all the required softwares and we as users share it. So, where do i start if i were to become a geek in cloud computing?

Hi sandip,
It is seen from ur question that u r new to this topic , so u should study from the very beginingBut from ur question it is not clear that from where u want to start--hardware aspect or software aspect.

My solution is to carry on ur study on grid computing, a very old research topic and cloud computing slightly modifies it.

waht is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like the electricity grid.

With cloud computing you will be able to use IT services in a pay-as-you-go manner. Just like public utilities. It's the future of computing industry and many companies started investment on this technology.

Example : Microsoft Windows Azure , Google AppEngine ,...

You're gonna hear about it much more in foreseeable future

what is cloud computing?

is citrix which we used in company for accessing our tools ,is cloud computing tool?

Cloud computing means accessing servers to do the sorts of things you would otherwise need to have desktop computing to do. If you access Google's word processing services for example, and you create and store a document with that service, that is cloud computing. In principle, you could access a remote server in a server farm to provide to you a complete Windows desktop, and you would run all your favorite Windows applications and store your documents out on that server farm. You could do the same for advanced computing like CAD or financial applications. If you use web based Turbo Tax, for example, that is cloud computing.

Depending on what you are doing with the Citrix product, it might be part of a cloud infrastructure. If the software allows you to run a Windows environment that is using computers that are remote from you, then yes that is cloud computing.

The term cloud computing implies that it is unimportant which server or servers you access to do your work. One you log in, you have the work environment you need and all your documents are available.

Cloud computing is tied to virtualiztion, in that you would like the cloud to serve to you a virtual computer and you would like that computer to conform to the sort of operating system and disk requirements that you need to use.

how to make virtual cloud os in java?

cloud computing.. plese, guide

You could just run a VMWare virtualization server, and that would do just what you want in the cloud...or if you wanted an actual cloud computing platform the just run OpenStack on your cloud cluster.

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