When Did Civil War Start And End?

guys was the civil war inevitable? explain your reasoning?

Which civil war. Yahoo! Answers is an international community and there have been hundreds of civil wars around the world. I could answer for the English Civil War and you actually are looking for the Greek Civil War. Someone once asked "Question about the Civil War" then when you went in they were looking for the Spanish Civil War and stated as much in their info.

when did the civil war end in sudan?

homework help plez. it started in 1983 but i have no idea when it ended..... answer quick plez :) ta xxx

The civil war technically came to an end on 9th July 2011 when South Sudan became officially independent and therefore any fighting that is going on now cannot be classified as a civil war as a civil war occurs when two or more factions fight for control of one country whereas now Sudan is considered as a two countries

when and where did the civil war end?

The Civil War ended with the Parliamentary victory at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651.

This made England a Republic under Oliver Cromwell, until he died and a group of nobles invited Charles I's son Charles II to take the throne again/

As you haven't stated WHICH civil war, I've assumed that you meant the English Civil War.

How Do I start my Introduction for my essay?

I have to write an essay on the American Civil War on what role African Americans played in the American Civil War but don't know what to put.

I usually suggest against starting your essay with blatantly stating "This essay is about.." Instead you should start it with possibly a short history of the civil war or an attention grabbing sentence like

Many African Americans fought in the Civil War in exchange for freedom from slavery.

Here are some more examples:


Civil war..I need websites..I am doing a term paper.?

I can't use wikipedia..and my title is Civil War: Why north and South fought.

Well, there's Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War website, the Dakota State University's website, Cornel University's Making of America series (which will give you offical records for the war), the Civil War Homepage, the Index of Civil War Information on the Internet, Civil War Interactive (kinda a online magazine), the Civil War Battles Page (will give you the Order of Battle for virtually every battle and skirmish of the war), Friends of the Hunley (obviously on the sub the HL Hunley), Ironclads and Blockade Runners, Civil War@Smithsonian, Civil War at eHistory, the Civil War (this one is actually scans from Harper's Weekly issues from the war, so you can actually read Harper's Weekly articles)

I'll post all of these and more below

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