When Did Cbs Buy Fender?

How much is this 1965 Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster Worth?

How much is this 1965 Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster Worth? I Asked A Similer Question not to long ago about another guitar so do get confused. Is a 1965 Pre-Cbs Fender Stratocaster, all original parts and finish, worth $16,500? is this a good price or not? What would be? And comes with an Original Case too. if that matters Its a sunburst finish And is in great shape

Odd... CBS took over in early 1965... If it has a small headstock, original finish, all parts matching, no mods, then that's a fair price. Drop value 50% for a large headstock, or a refinish, or both. Mismatched parts would drop it by 25%.
Mismatched Parts Pre CBS- $12,000
Large Headstock (Early CBS)- $8,000
Refinish Pre CBS- $8,000
Combination of all factors- $3000-7000

It depends on all of these factors, the hardest to check is the refinish, but that affects value a lot (the old nitro finished are hard to reproduce)

For the good-
Custom Colors- add 10% value average (only if it's not a refinish). CAR and LPB seem to catch quite a bit of cash, as they were very nice colors and are very desirable, so possibly 12% for those. For Mary Kay finish add 20% etc.

What's the difference between 1981 Fender Stratocaster compare to earlier vintage models?

Hello, I've been getting interested in playing a guitar (started playing on my old Fender Gemini II a week ago) and I found out my father owns a 1981 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster made in the US, I was wondering how is it different from earlier Stratocaster models and how much it's worth (he bought it for $800 back then).

Hello there,

Value? No one can answer this without having examined the guitar. The value of vintage Fender Stratocasters depends on their condition. Is it entirely stock. Have the electronics been tampered with. Are the solder joints undisturbed. Check the dates on the pots. Check to see the bottoms of the pickups. And so on. You can only tell that from an examination and disassembly of the guitar. There was also more than one model made in 1981. Which model you have will impact the value. For the most part the 1978 through 1981 Strats were the same. I have seen them sell for as little as $600 and up to $1200. Truly pristine models can bring a little more.

You do need to check the production date on the neck to determine when it was made. The serial numbers are not always exact.

I believe the 1981s still had the heavy ash body and the thick profile neck. Late CBS era Strats feel like a club to play. It is a big heavy neck on a very heavy body. They are not the most comfortable Stratocasters to play.

Most 1981 Stratocasters have a black plastic base with a molded in part number for the pickups. There may be some of the older fiber bases (left over stock) used in the early production 1981 year. Also in 1981, Fender brought out a Strat with a hotter bridge pickup (I think it was called the X1). Those Strats have never been as popular as the regular line of Stratocasters.

1981 is drawing near the end of the CBS era. The 79-81 Stratocasters are probably the low end value wise. This was sort of the low point of the CBS era.

Difference? From what? If you mean from pre-CBS, there is a world of difference. If you mean from other Strats say 1968 and on, then there is not a lot of difference. The pickups changed a lot during that time. But otherwise not a lot of changes. 3 bolt neck plates. Fender F stamped tuners. Vintage tremolos (but there were a lot of cheaper hardtails made then also). A lot of cheaper production finishes. A lot of so-called natural finish, meaning Fender only clear lacquered the body.

CBS bought Fender in 1965. Production short cuts were put into place immediately. The longer you go into the CBS era the more the short cuts and the lower the quality of the guitars. This was the dark ages of Fender.

Pre-CBS Stratocasters are worth considerably more. They are far better guitars. From 1957 to 1962 is probably the high point. The best way I can describe a pre-CBS Stratocaster, say a 1962, compared to a late CBS Stratocaster, say a 1980, is about like comparing a Fender American Standard Stratocaster to a made in China Squier Stratocaster. They are worlds apart.


recommended pots for strat?

I have an American stratocaster and I've managed to break one of the pots, so I've decided to change them all. I just want some recommendations as I use the volume all the time when playing live. I've never really looked in detail to pots either. Thank you in advance!

Hello there,

Fender has used CTS pots for its American made Stratocasters for a long time. I would suggest using that brand for your replacements. You can buy Fender replacement pots through any Fender dealer, even the on-line dealers.

In recent years, Fender has used various wiring configurations (ie, delta tone and grease bucket) in addition to the traditional Strat writing configuration. Also in recent years, Fender as used the S-1 pot. Fender usually has 250K pots with single coils and 500K pots if there is a humbucker. You should check the wiring diagram for your particular model of American made Stratocaster to be certain. You can find a wiring diagram at the Fender web site in the customer support section.

Talk to you later,

I bought an Eric Johnson Strat on Ebay that has a defective Bridge. How do I fix this?

The high E string is almost coming off the bridge. It must not be aligned properly. How do I go about fixing this? Do I need to replace the bridge or is this an expensive fix? The guy I bought it from said he had it in the case for years. I believe that because it's a discontinued Mary Kate white with low S/N. It's otherwise pristine and perfect. The other strings are aligned properly but high E is not. Thanks for advice.

Hopefully, the neck has shifted a little,
this is a common problem with bolt on necks, simple problem.
I recommend that you do NOT fix it yourself,
if you were qualified to fix it, you wouldn't be asking this on Yahoo.

I ALSO recommend that you find a local smaller dealer, that has REAL guitar tech/luthier.

All GC cares about is selling you a lot of guitars making big bucks.
(now that Fender is run by one GC's ex corporate people, I expect them to push out all the smaller dealers, and the quality to decline)

When Fender was run by Leo Fender, they built great gear,
I have a couple of Pre CBS guitars.
When CBS bought them, the quality went down,
then Bill Shultz came on board (from Yamaha), in 1981.
He brought the company back from near death.

Bill Carson, one of Leo's first people, say's that he is sure that if Schultz hadn't come along, Fender wouldn't exist today.

I worked in a music retail store back then, and met Leo, Shultz, and all the people from that era.
Vern Ezlinger, one of Leo's best people (both with Fender and G&L) was a personal friend of mine, and snuck us in to the old Leo Fender factory, as a potential "supplier", when NO one was allowed in the factory.

Now, that they are being run by Guitar Center people, I fear the company will force out the smaller dealers, (just like Gibson did, remember when every town, had a Gibson dealer, and you didn't have to go to GC or worst buy, or the internet?. I do).
and lower the quality, in the name of profit.

the pirates, that have no sense of music history, will soon be giving me a lot of thumbs down, like I care. What can I do do with Yahoo points?
They will soon be pilling thumbs down on me.

I own several Strats, hardtails, Stock Trem, locking trems Floyds, etc, and I can tear them all down, and put them back together, better than ever,
And a couple of early '80's Charvel Strats (San Dimas)
I was the main guitar tech at the store, for 10 years.

Good Luck

Are all Fender guitars made in China?

I saw a Fender Stratocaster at a garage sale this weekend, for $50. I almost bought it but it had a sticker that said Made in China. Are all these guitars made in China? Or are there some older ones that were made in the U.S.?

Fender guitars are made in different countries. The cheapest ones are made in China, the middle priced ones are made in Mexico, and the highest priced ones are made in the U.S

But there is a possibility that the guitar that was for sale was a Fender imitation.

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