When Did Brandon Lee Die?

ask: who play eric after brandon lee die in the crow?

Who play Ecric after Brandon Lee in the Crow?

Brandon Lee.

They reused scenes and digitally cut him into other scenes.

To complete the film, a stunt double (Chad Stahelski), who was a friend of Lee's at the famed Inosanto Academy, and special effects were used to add Lee's face onto the stunt double. These scenes were filmed after Lee's death:

* Eric Draven's death in flashbacks (this was the scene Brandon was filming, at the time he had died);

* a scene with Eric walking into his apartment after returning from the dead was digitally composited from a scene of Lee walking into an alleyway with raindrops added (the rest of the scenes in the apartment were all done with the double);

* Lee's face was digitally composited onto the stunt double when Eric puts on make-up in front of a mirror, and walks towards the broken down window of his apartment;

* when Sarah (Rochelle Davis) visits Eric, his face is not seen as it is actually the stunt double.

brandon lee?

was he the dude who played in the movie crow? if not who is he

Yes, Brandon Lee was in "The Crow." He is also the son of Bruce Lee. Both of them died while filming at the age of 35 and both died of accidents involving prop guns. Brandon Lee died while filming The Crow. Check out:
www.imdb.com (internet movie database) to learn more.

Is this a freaky coincidence or what about Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee?

have you ever noticed how similar Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee looked in The Dark Knight and The Crow (with the make up) and they both died because of their roles at 28...roles that stem from comic book characters? Not only that but the Crow's character was to be married the day after he was killed and Lee was to be married the month after his death. Eerie!

No, I didn't even think of Brandon Lee. But it is eerie.


If brandon lee died during the filming of crow, how did they finish the movie?

How did they finish the movie if brandon lee was shot accidentally while fiming?

They had enough footage to make most of it, since he died filming the final fight scene. The rest they used a double to fill in, showing the back of the head, and clever angles so you can't tell its not him. I am sure it wouldn't be hard with all the makeup he was wearing in the film.
His father did the same thing. The movie Game of Death went unfinished for almost a decade. Someone finally rewrote the movie to fit the footage they had, and of course since they only had half the tower scenes they had to rename it from "Towers of Death".
Its almost baffling to consider the coincidences between Brandon Lee and Bruce Lee's death.

Difference in Lee Reloading Dies...?

I am trying to figure out what the actual difference is between the Lee Pacesetter 3 die .223 Remington set and the Lee 3 die deluxe .223 Remington. They both show that they have the same thing but one has a collet neck sizing die and the other has a factory crimp die. What is the difference and which is a better overally set?

You want the set with the full-length resizing die and the factory crimp die for a semiauto.

Honestly, for use in an AR, it is recommended that you use a small-base set. RCBS makes them. I don't know if Lee does. Nothing against Lee dies, I use them for 75% of the calibers I reload. If nothing else, I LOVE Lee's powder-thru expander.

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