When Did Bobby Knight Leave Iu?

Why did the person who plays Bobby on Supernatural leave the show?

Do you think this is the last season

Jim Beaver is the actor. I don't think it was his choice to leave - he was doing fine as a guest star. I think the writers choose to have Bobby die to create drama for Sam and Dean. It was more about storyline and plot that the actor.

Carina Adly MacKenzie wrote a good article about it: "'Supernatural': Did Bobby actually die? Why we think it's time to say goodbye" (http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/12/supernatural-did-bobby-actually-die-why-we-think-its-time-to-say-goodbye.html).

Will Ezekiel Jackson become the next Bobby Lashley?

While Ezekiel Jackson isn't a bad wrestler, Ezekiel Jackson is very far from becoming the next Bobby Lashley.When Bobby Lashley made his WWE debut, Bobby Lashley quickly dominated the mid-card division, winning the United States championship.Months later, Bobby Lashley went to ECW, winning the ECW championship, back when ECW wasn't a joke.Bobby Lashley would get drafted to RAW that same year, challenging John Cena for the WWE championship, in what was a great match.

I read that if Bobby Lashley didn't leave, he was going to challenge Undertaker at Wrestlemania 24, instead of Edge.With that being said, Ezekiel Jackson has been with WWE for 2+ years, just now becoming Intercontinental champion.Ezekiel Jackson hasn't had any main event caliber feuds since he came to WWE, so, Ezekiel Jackson is far from being the next Bobby Lashley.

Did Jim Beaver leave Supernatural?

Aka Bobby Singer. He "died" on the show, so I was just wondering if he was leaving the show. Then again Supernatural has lots of twists to it so maybe they'll bring him back somehow. Also, while I'm at it, how do you feel now that Bobby is dead? And do you think Misha Collins (Castiel the angel) is REALLY dead or do you think he'll just come back in another vessel?

They are killing off WAY too many characters! like first cast now Bobby! I cried when they killed off Bobby! I definitely think he's still in the show though, probably as a ghost because the episode before last weeks, the reaper asked Bobby if he was going to go with him or not and then the episode just ended and never told us if he went with the reaper or not. So I'm guessing he chose not to go, and he's going to be a ghost especially since Dean's beer was gone in last weeks episode. Can't wait for Friday's episode!

The tv show Dallas?

How did Bobby and Pam's marriage end?

At the end of the 1985 season, Patrick Duffy expressed his desire to leave the series. Thus, his character of Bobby died when he was run over by a car driven by his sister-in-law, Katherine Wentworth. This proved to be a mistake as it left the show without one of its most popular characters. Actor Larry Hagman persuaded Duffy to return to the series the following season. Dallas scriptwriters created a storyline which featured Pam waking up to find Bobby in the shower (in the May 1986 cliffhanger episode) - with the realization that the storylines of the preceding season, including the accident, were nothing more than a lengthy dream sequence (thus invalidating the entire 1985-1986 season of the show).

Bobby and Pam didnt appear in the same scene when he returned at the end of season 9, Pam had her scene shot on her own whilst Bobby had footage of a soap commercial merged into the scene. Season 10 saw Pam leave Bobby after she was involved in a car crash which resulted in her suffering severe burns. She ran away from the hospital and Bobby never saw her again. In the final ever episode Bobby is first on the scene after hearing a gun shot from JR's room uttering the words "oh my god". The camera never shows what Bobby actually saw and it was thought JR committed suicide although in subsequent films it was explained JR shot a mirror.

In one word what is your opinion of Bobby Knight, basketball coach for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.?


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