When Did Bob Barker Died?

good luck bob barkerr!!?

we have just heard that mr barker will be retiring from the popularr cbs game show the price is right will you stil watch it after mr barker is gone, hes stepping downe after 35 years with the price is right we love ya bob time too come on downe!!

I love Bob Barker, and I don't think that The Price Is Right will be the same without him. I can not see that anyone can replace him and do as good a job as he does. It is my opinion that Bob Barker is The Price Is Right.

Is Bob Barker really retiring?

Today at school I over heard some boy say that Bob Barker is retiring. Is this true? And if so, when?

Yes, he is. Bob Barker will be leaving "The Price is Right" after 35 1/2 years in June. He says that he will do a lot of animal charity volunteer work and will make cameo appearances in films if the right role comes around. He jokes and also says that he doesn't want to do nude scenes though because he doesn't want to be remembered as a sex symbol. Bob Barker is one great person and will truly be missed. He also said he won't end the show in some spectacular fashion, but will stick with the traditional "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." which is the way he should go out. See ya, Bob. You'll be missed.

Will The Price is Right host Bob Barker ever retire?

I think that Bob Barker will work to the day he dies.

I think the real question is: Will the Price is Right Retire when Bob Barker dies. They've managed to keep most of the show very "Old School," so retiring it after Bob would be the respectful thing to do.

What is the name of the episode of "Family Guy" with Bob Barker where Brian tells him to die?

It was right after Bob says his famous closing line. I've been looking for it everywhere!

"Brian in Love" Season: 2 Episode: 4

jst_since I got the thumbs down:

Bob Barker: Join us tomorrow for more Price is Right. This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.
Brian: Oh, just die, already.

My step grandmother said that Bob Barker died.Is that true?

I have been really sad sense last night. My grandmother said that Bob Barker has Died?

Not true. If it were, it would be all over the news, internet....

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