When Did Bc And Ad Start?

When do most college classes start (for fall)?

do they all start the same day? how long before they start do you move in?

No, colleges can start any time from late August until October. The school where I currently works will start classes on August 25; the one where I am about to go starts on September 2. UCLA doesn't start until September 25 next Fall. Unless you are scheduled for an orientation right before you start, most people move in the weekend before classes start.

My car wont start...?

When i try to start my 95 Jeep it wont start, it makes no sound when trying to start but it only turns on where the radio is playing but the car actually dosent start. All the lights on the dashboard come on, like check engine,check battery,oil,everything. one day i put it in neutral and tried to start it and it started up like it should. Any ideas of what it could be??

Most cars have a sensor that determines what gear the car is in so people don't start the car in drive or reverse or something (bad), my guess is that this sensor has worn out in the "Park" location. If it continues to start in neutral, just shift to neutral and start like normal.

i m MBA graduate in hrm,which business should i start?

I would start with what you enjoy doing it ...the money will follow. I would start BIG from the start, take RISK~!!! and you will be better off to have that kind of HUGE foundation.

What emotions start with the letter u and which ones start with the letter v?

Hi i'm trying to find 5 emotions that start with u and another 5 that start with v, can anyone help me out here, cuz im havin a little trouble finding some. THANK YOU! Yall are life savers

Emotions that start with V:
vicious, vacant, vulnerable, violent, verbal, vivid, victorious, vibrant
Emotions that start with U:
unkind, uncaring, useless, upset, unappreciated, uncomfortable, ugly, unbearable, uneasy, unforgiving, unfortunate, uplifted,

how do i start off being a fashion designer?

i really enjoy designers like marc jacobs and them and im only 13 and i wanna start making clothe, but where to start? im into hip hop clotheing, like Lrg, Stussy, Nike SB and stuff.

Drinking bleach is a great way to start.

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