When Did Al Capone Die?

how did scarface al capone die?

how did scarface al capone die????

Capone contracted syphilis in his youth, and as he was serving his time in Alcatraz prison he suffered neurosyphilis. On January 21, 1947, Capone suffered apoplectic stroke, but as he was recovering, he contracted pneumonia on January 24, 1947. The following day, he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on January 25th, 1947 in St. Louis, Missouri...

Al "Scarface" Capone, got his nickname "Scarface" when he was a bouncer at a dance hall on Coney Island when he insulted a woman and her brother slashed Capone 3 times in the face... Capone later, hired the woman's brother to be his bodyguard...

How did Al Capone die?

I know he died in prison but how did he die?

Al Capone spent the last year of his Alcatraz sentence, which had been reduced to six years and five months for a combination of good behavior and work credits, in the hospital section being treated for syphilis.

He was released in November of 1939 and taken to a hospital in Baltimore where he was treated until March of 1940. For his remaining years, Capone slowly deteriorated while staying at his Palm Island estate in Miami. On January 25, 1947, he died of cardiac arrest

When did The great American of the 1920's to 1930's Al Capone die?

When did the great American gangster of the 1920's to 1930's Al Capone die? Also how did he die?

Following an apoplectic stroke, he died of heart failure on January 25, 1947 in Palm Island, Florida and is buried in the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Chicago.

What do you think would Happen if Bonnie & Clyde Crossed Paths with Al Capone?

i think they would have been afraid of al capone they wouldn't wanna mess with him

Most likely, Al Capone would have nothing to do with Bonnie and Clyde or even John Dillinger, for that matter. To him, they were nothing but common stick-up/hold-up artists that drew way too much heat from the cops, which was something he couldn't afford. If he did, they would probably be considered "disposable".

What ever happened to Al Capone's wife???

I'm doing a history project and I really need to know. I'm aware of the fact that he married her in late 1918, but did they stay together? Did she leave him? What went down? oh yeah, when did she die?

Mae Josephine Coughlin Capone married Al Capone in Dec. 1918, a few weeks after giving birth to Al's son "Sonny". Eventually she moved to Miami, raising Sonny there. She was known to visit Al in jail (including Alcatraz) and stayed with him till his death. She was a devout Catholic and insisted that Sonny be nothing like his father. She was notoriously camera shy. She passed away at 3.35 am on April 16,1986 at the Hollywood Hills retirement home Hollywood, Florida.

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