When Did Akbar Became King?

Information about Akbar?

'Akbar' is the superlative degree of the word 'kabeer (great)'. Akarbar means greatest. Allah is greatest and there is nothing greater than Him. In the call to prayer (azan) Allahu Akbar is repeated twice at the beginning. Muslims repeat these words several times a day during their prayer (salat). It is a great word for remembering Allah.

There is an interesting story regarding the word "Allahu Akbar". During the Emergency great leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L.K. Advani were detained in jail. In the same jail there were some Muslims. Muslims were allowed to pray 'salatul Eid' on two Eid days in a year. Muslims used to recite the words 'Allahu Akbar' several times on Eid day before Eid prayers. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani were watching the Muslims praying. They were keenly interested to know why the Muslims are repeating the words 'Allahu Akbar' several times (because they knew only about Akbar the King) and they asked the Muslim inmates of the jail. The Muslim inmates told them that there is no connection between Allah and 'Akbar, the Moghul King' The leaders were surprised to learn that the word 'Akbar' had nothing to do with 'Akbar, the King'

Is Jodhaa... Akbar's wife or is she Akbar's daughter-in-law?

When I saw this movie I thought she was Akbar's wife but now that I'm hearing all these rumors I'm starting to question the movie because movies aren't always right.. and I really want to know if she was the wife or the daughter-in-law of Akbar!

Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar marries Jodhaa. Jodhaa Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a marriage of alliance that gave birth to true love between a great Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa.
You can read the synopsis of the movie here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jodha-Akbar
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whether king akbar educated?

King Akbar ruled Delhi.I want to know whether he is educated?

Early Life
Akbar was born on 15th October 1542, to Emperor Humayun and his recently wedded wife, Hamida Banu Begum. The Rajput Fortress of Umarkot in Sind, where Humayun and Hamida were taking refuge, became the birthplace of this great emperor. In 1540, Humayun was forced into exile by Afghan leader Sher Shah and Akbar spent his childhood in Afghanistan, at his uncle Askari's place. His youth was spent in running and fighting, rather than learning to read and write. However, this could never impair his interest in art, architecture, music and literature.

Humayun recaptured Delhi in the year 1555, with the help of his Persian ally Shah Tahmasp. However, a few months after his victory, he met with an accident and died. On 14th February 1556, Akbar succeeded the throne, in the midst of a war waged by Sikandar Shah for the Mughal throne.

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how did the great king akbar die?

On 3 October 1605, Akbar fell ill with an attack of dysentery, from which he never recovered. He is believed to have died on or about 27 October 1605, after which his body was buried at a mausoleum in Sikandra, Agra.[147]

Akbar vs Maldev Rathore?

Maldev Rathore was the king of Jodhpur who was able to defend Rajsthan from Sher shah Suri even though Sher shah suri had an army twice his size and was also able to conquer many lands he was only 50km away from delhi. unfortunately he died when akbar started his invasions in rajasthan. do u think he could have defeated Akbar if he was alive...

Akbar was a brainy Emperor & very liberal in his outlook. He knew that it is very difficult to win over the Rajput princes. That was not the case with Sher shah Suri who was an Afghan through out in his outlook. Akbar's tactics were to befriend them & he married a princess from them too, and forged relations with them. In tactics he could have proved superior to Maldev Rathore, who had to rely on his other Rajputs' support too. Akbar must have cut that support. Even if you compare the extent of one Empire (embracing the whole of the subcontinent) against a Kingdom, it is unequal. Rathore (had he been alive) could have offered staunch resistance & won a battle - that would be all. Akbar thinks beyond a battle. Militarily though powerful being the Emperor, Sher shah Suri is weak in comparison to Akbar who had a reputation of bringing peace & harmony in his Empire more than any other of the then Great Mughals before & after. These other Mughals had to live with household intrigues (and fratricides) making uncertainties creep in the regime.
Historians record that whatever set-backs that Akbar faced (he was a put on the throne aged 13 under an ambitious regent, whom he got conveniently removed), he overcame everyone of them & there weren't any significant failures after that.

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