When Did Aj Quartermaine Die?

GH: How many "living" Quatermines are left?

Please list names! It seem like that family is practically a dying breed, with the way they scrambled to keep any blood related male in their mists and a failing company. Is there anyone left (besides the Q's we see daily on the show) to shake that house up a bit and give the Q's a new image? This family has been lacking for awhile and needs new blood and life into it. So any spoilers of future Quatermines coming to town? Ones that may actually help their family to improve???

Edward Quartermaine is the shrewd patriarch of the bunch. He is the founder of the medical supply company ELQ. His 2 best known children were Alan (deceased) and Tracy

Jason Morgan is a true Quartermaine even though he goes by Jason Morgan. He is the biolgical son of the deceased Alan Quartermaine and deceased Susan Moore

Tracy Quartermaine is the biological daughter of the deceased Alan and deceased Lila.

Dillon Quartermaine is the biological son of Tracy Quartermaine and Paul Hornsby. He is the half-brother of Ned Ashton.

Ned Ashton is the biological son of Tracy Quartermaine and Larry Ashton. He is the half-brother of Dillon Quartermaine.

Michael Corinthos is a true Quartermaine. He is the biological son of Carly Benson and AJ Quartermaine. Sonny Corinthos later adopted the boy and has treated him as his own.

Jake Spencer is also a true Quartermaine. He is the son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. Lucky Spencer is currently acting as father of Jake to protect him from Jason's dangerous life.

Brooklyn Ashton is the daughter of Ned Ashton

Jimmy Lee Holt is the product of an affair between Edward Quartermaine and Beatrice LaSeur
Monica is related through her marriage to the now deceased Alan Quartermaine. She is the biological mother of AJ Quartermaine.

Skye Chandler Quartermaine is the adoptive daughter of the now deceased Alan Quartermaine.

Lila Rae Alcazar is the daugher of Skye Quartermaine (the adoptive daughter of the deceased Alan Quartermaine.

Luke Spencer is the wife of Tracy Quartermaine (daughter of the deceased Alan Quartermaine)

Lulu Spencer is the step-daughter of Tracy Quartermaine (daughter of the now deceased Alan Quartermaine)

Lucky Spencer is the step-son of Tracy Quartermaine (daughter of the now deceased Alan Quartermaine)

Ethan Lovett is the step-son of Tracy Quartermaine (daughter of the now deceased Alan Quartermaine)

George- late father of Edward
Ida- late mother of Edward
Lila- late wife of Edward
Alan-late son of Edward
Bradley- late son of Edward
Jimmy- late son of Edward
AJ- late son of Alan
Emily- late adoptive daughter of Alan
Justus- late son of Bradley

GH- How did Jason Quartermaine become Jason Morgan?

If Jason was a Quartermaine how did he turn into a mobster? What made him change? What do the Quartermaines think of him now? Thanks for answering these questions, I've been watching GH on and off and I was surprised that Jason was actually a Quartermaine.

Alan Quartermaine is Jason's REAL father from an affair with Susan Moore. She died and Monica took him in as her son when he was just a baby (I think she was still married to Alan). After he had the car accident because of his brother AJ, he was in a coma, woke up from the come not remembering anything about who or what he was. He had a complete personality change. He became violent, and much like the way Michael is acting now. At that time, Sonny or Luke gave him a job parking cars at a night club they owned. Jason also opened his owned a bike repair shop and rode his motocycle all over the place. He took Lucky in and let him work there when he was a teenager. Since he really didn't remember being a "Quartermaine", he took the name of "Morgan" which was his grandmother Lila Quatermaine's maiden name. His loyality to Sonny after all these years is because Sonny accepted him the way he was and he eventually became wrapped up in the mob as their enforcer.
The Quartermaines have continuously tried to get Jason to remember who he was and to come back into the fold with the family, which he never has done.
This all happened a long, long time ago and my memory is not a good as it used to be, but I think this is pretty close to what happened back then.

It appears that Jake is going to die on General Hospital?

http://www.wubs.net/ Unfortunately, I think it's already been taped and in the can. The above link mentions Jake's funeral. This is wrong on so many levels!

Yep. Unfortunately, Jake is going to die. Another Quartermaine killed off! I swear Guza hates any Q's. Having a kid die on a soap is just wrong.
Then Jake's kidney will be used to save Josslyn's life.
It's a copy of the BJ/Maxie storyline of '94 when BJ became brain dead and her heart was used to save Maxie's life.
Guza needs to get his own storylines and stop making crappy remakes of classic one's of the '90s... like when he redid Clink Boom!

mid to late 90’s General Hospital- Keesha Ward and Jasan Quartermaine - How did Keesha end up leaving the show?

I was away at school, before DVR and Soap Net (i believe) and I missed how Jason and Keesha ended their relationship and how she ended up leaving the whole show. Did they just write her out? I looked on youtube, but can’t find any of her final episode. It was nice seeing Jason all nice and sexy looking....AJ too!

She was dating AJ Quartermaine at the time (1998) and his alcoholism drove them apart. She left PC for Philadelphia to take care of her ill father.She and Jason broke up after his accident, he didn't remember her and wanted nothing more to do with her. Here is a link to her character bio:

who are jason morgans real parents?

ive only been watching for like 3 years off and on and everyday for the last year but i was wondering if monica and alan were his real parents or not. and are they AJs real parents?

Jason's mother is Susan Moore and his father is Alan Quartermaine. Alan had an affair with Susan, who later died, and Monica took over the role of his mother and adopted him. Jason considers Monica to be his mother and has never thought of Susan as his mother.

AJ's parents are Alan and Monica Quartermaine biologically.

Jason took the surname of Morgan because it was his Grandmother Lila's maiden name, after his car accident with AJ.

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