When Did African Americans Start Fighting In The Civil War?

How Do I start my Introduction for my essay?

I have to write an essay on the American Civil War on what role African Americans played in the American Civil War but don't know what to put.

I usually suggest against starting your essay with blatantly stating "This essay is about.." Instead you should start it with possibly a short history of the civil war or an attention grabbing sentence like

Many African Americans fought in the Civil War in exchange for freedom from slavery.

Here are some more examples:


How did the Civil War affect soldiers, women, & African Americans?

What's one example each of how the war affected 1) soldiers; 2) women; 3) African Americans?

1. Men went off to war and were killed and horribly maimed. Weapon accuracy was better and the old style of fighting by sending lines of men across open land resulted in much higher death rates than in previous wars. Men often ended up fighting against people the knew or were related to on the other side of the battle.

2. Women changed roles some became spies, fighters, nurses and any woman with a family often found themselves having to keep the family farm or business going when the men went off to war.

3. Battalions of black soldiers fought for the north. Hordes of southern slaves left their owners and followed the northern troops. The war itself ended slavery.

How did the civil war affect the economy and society of the North and South? ?

also in what ways were soldiers, women, and African Americans involved in or affected by the war?

the civil war was a great war (great, not good).
economically: Lincoln did not have the funds to act on such a war so be created "greenbacks" or new currency to fund his war. the new money added to the money supply after the war.
as far the north and south were involved: imports and export from many states were halted since materials were used for the war and they were fighting each other.

as far as african americans, they were free after the war but the economy took a huge blow. slaves were an extreme economic resource, especially for the south. they were depended upon for labor.

Lincoln himself knew this and refrained from freeing the slaves, knowing the economic loses. He was not in favor of slavery either.

many soldiers died in the war, some say more than ww2 <<< you might wanna check on that fact though. I'm not 100% sure on that one.

no clue about women though srry =(

How did blacks Americans end of the Civil War in the U.S.?

Contributions of African Americans during the American Civil War were numerous; as many as 180,000 fought for the Union and their death toll was at least 30,000. They were combatants, spies (collected vital information regarding the movement of Confederate troops), servants, cooks, and laborers. President Abraham Lincoln commented that "the African American turned the tide of the war."

African Americans also served the Confederacy, however, sources reflect that most served as cooks, servants, ambulance corps, and even engineers. Some served as Confederate combatants, but the numbers are debatable. Some wore the Confederate uniform while other African American Confederate combatants did not.

Aftermath and Reconstruction: After the war many states held "State Constitutional Conventions" and passed "State Civil Rights Acts." All were steps in the right direction. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments were created as a direct result of the American Civil War.


In what ways did the African Americans contribute to the Civil War efforts?

In what ways did the African Americans contribute to the Civil War efforts?

Some fought as soldiers, others worked the land and helped grow crops for the South.

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