When did aerosmith start?

Aerosmith is the coolest band EVER, but I have no idea when it started. I'm taking a bet with my sister and I guessed it was around 1947 PLEASE tell me. Gracias. P.S. My favorite song is Pink. Check it out sometime.

Answer by Ardean L. on Apr 30 2009

Um Aerosmith didn't come together as a band until 1970 in Boston, MA.

I'm a huge Aerosmith fan as well and just for the record Steven Tyler wasn't actually born in 1947..it was 1948.

They are an older rock band, but not as old as you may think...

What is the name of the song by Aerosmith?

It's being played on Rocking Roller coaster at MGM as the roller coaster is about to take off or when it actually does take off. Anyone know?? I really like the song... I appreciate any help. Thanks I don't know how it goes or any words.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Music
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, Sunset Boulevard, Disney-MGM Studios

Dates Heard:
July 2, 1999 - present

Pre-Show Music:

Walk This Way
performed by Aerosmith

Attraction Music:

Back in the Saddle
performed by Aerosmith

Dude Looks Like a Lady
performed by Aerosmith

performed by Aerosmith

Love in an Elevator
performed by Aerosmith

Love in a Roller Coaster
performed by Aerosmith

Nine Lives
performed by Aerosmith

Sweet Emotion
performed by Aerosmith

Background Music

Baby, Please Don't Go
performed by Aerosmith

Just Push Play
performed by Aerosmith

Draw The Line
performed by Aerosmith

The Other Side
performed by Aerosmith

What it Takes
performed by Aerosmith

performed by Aerosmith

Same Old Song & Dance
performed by Aerosmith

Living on the Edge
performed by Aerosmith

Hole in My Soul
performed by Aerosmith

performed by Aerosmith

Deuces are Wild
performed by Aerosmith

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing
performed by Aerosmith

Dream On
performed by Aerosmith

Is Steven Tyler really going to sue Aerosmith?

I saw on Yahoo that Steven was going to sue Aerosmith if they replace him. I just hope it won't go any further than just bickering. It breaks my heart when I see things like "Steven Tyler checks back into rehab." or maybe "Aerosmith breaking up."! It becomes a bad for an Aerosmith fan such as myself! Opinions please!


But I don't really know. I don't get into stuff like that.

But why in the hell will they replace Steven?! Steven IS Aerosmith, imo.

Replacing Steven. That makes me LOL!

how did the band aerosmith come up with the name aerosmith?

The name Aerosmith doesn't have any real meaning. It is something Joey Kramer (the drummer) wrote on his math books and other things in high school and when he, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton, were all looking for a name for their band, he said, "What about Aerosmith??"

They said, "Oh, no, it's a book they made you read in high school. That's too sophisticated."

The book was called, ARROWSMITH.

Joey says, "No, no. A-E-R-O..."

They liked it and that is how Aerosmith got their name.

How Did You Start To Like Aerosmith?

The way I started to like Aerosmith was, I watched the episode of the Simpsons "Flaming Moes" and saw Aerosmith sing Walk This way on there and started to like the song. A few weeks later I saw the movie Mrs. Doubtfire and then the song Dude (Looks Like A Lady) came on and wanted to see who sung it and put subtitles on and surprise! It was Aerosmith. I downloaded those two songs and loved them. A commercial came on for the Very Best Of Aerosmith album and I saw Janie's Got A Gun and downloaded it. Then I went on Limewire and downloaded about 15 Aerosmith songs and then my favourite came on, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, and didn't know it was by Aerosmith. From then on, I have done nothing but love them to death!! Tell me how you started to like them. Thanks for all of your answers. Oh and just so you know I have over 40 Aerosmith songs. Not much but it's a fair bit for a 13 year old, eh?

I hated anything to do with rock and roll or heavy metal. Then, I was listening to a radio station which was playing a mixture of tunes....a little bit of this...a little bit of that...and they played a song that I had never heard, and I liked it! I kept listening to the station, and they played it again, and finally, I found out it was Aerosmith, (one of the slow ballads....I think from the space film with Tyler's daughter in it). I didn't think rock people were capable of decently composing anything, (I just always heard screaming and saw tongues in the past,) but I was wrong.

Do they have a book about Aerosmith that covers from when they first started in highschool until now?

i want a book that covers the whole entire aerosmith history, not one just with concert photos from this years tour. does it exist?

there is a book that covers Aerosmith in a time range from the members' early lives up until 1997 when the book was released. It's called "Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith"

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