When Did Acdc Form?

Who started the dance battle on Youtube? was it M&M or was it the ACDC?

please tell me now.......i want to know because I am all on ACDC's side!! Way better dancers!

ACDC started it ...they challenged M&M and they agreed

yesss me too...ACDC rocks

acdc touring?

do you know when and where in the us acdc will be touring next dont be rude or i will report you

You can find out, yourself. Try www.acdc.com, and Peace!

Does anyone know where I can get LEGAL ACDC downloads?

I don't care if I have to pay for it, but I want a legal place to download ACDC songs seeing as iTunes doesn't have it.


Will ACDC tour again?

Will ACDC tour again in North America? I think theres been some talk about Brian Johnson retiring, and I'm not even sure if theyre going to make a new album...But please only people who know what they are talking about, will ACDC tour again in North America? Any help or info is appreciated. Thanks

I think they'll be touring till the day they die.

ACDC World Tour? Lookin Forward To It! Please Try To Answer My Questions!?

i know when acdc are going on tour but, i was wondering if they will be comin to toronto? and i was also wondering if they would play some old acdc songs? not just the new ones they are making. i really wanted to hear highway to hell and tnt live! in concert, not off the live dvds!

ACDC (like other bands that have been around forever) will play all their hit songs durring the concert. Bands like that don't have to promote new releases, they pretty much do it for fun at this stage in their careers, God knows they don't need the money.

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