When Did Aarp Start?

Are there really good reasons to join AARP?

For years I have received temporary membership cards requesting payment for AARP insurance. How does membership with AARP benefit anyone eligible?

AARP is not the insurance company nor are they the insurance agent. Insurance companies contract with AARP and pay AARP a royalty so that the company can utilize the AARP name and logo in their advertising and on their product. I'm contracted through United Health to sell the AARP Medicare health plans and when I sold auto insurance I contracted through Hartford to sell the AARP auto insurance, but in neither case was I a part of AARP or the insurance company.

The insurance companies must follow AARP guidelines and the policies often have better benefits than if you bought directly through that insurance company.

Does the AARP support Cuts in Social Security Benefits?

Pandur...since then AARP seems to have changed their position on this... http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304186404576389760955403414.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

AARP is in it for AARP. they cut a deal with Obama on the Obama care BS. Why
they get a healthy package for screwing the old folks out of it. So if it has AARP
on it. run like hell.

Can my mom still get Hartford Insurance if she cancels AARP?

Only reason my mom still has AARP is because they offer some kind of good insurance. I think it's Hartford. Can she still get it if she cancels her AARP membership? She is sick and tired of AARP!

She can get Hartford Insurance, but she will lose the AARP discount. She might want to shop around to see if she can get a better deal elsewhere.

What is aarp insurance exactly mean, types of aarp insurance and its benefits?

I need information about aarp insurance, types of insurance available and how to get a aarp insurance at a lower cost

AARP doesn't have insurance, they just endorse certain companies in return for compensation. They offer health insurance through United Health, auto insurance through Hartford, and life insurance through New York Life. The benefits of the policies are the same whether you go through AARP or the underwriting company. The rates are set and you cannot get the insurance at a lower cost.

Is aarp the same thing as medicare (10 points)?

im wondering because I applied for medicare and I got an aarp card is it the same thing

AARP is a private company representing seniors but they do not own an insurance company. They promote United Health Care for Medigap policies.

Medicare is the government subsidy up to 80% of cost to seniors, disabled and end stage rental patients. It has nothing to do with AARP.

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