What Was The First Mass Production Car Company Outside The Us?

i have a question about disney movies?

i need a list of the movies that disney has made in 2009 on tv and in theater . even if the movie was short i need to know all the movies the ones they made just for tv also

Skyrunners (2009) (TV)
Einstein Pals (2009) (V)
Prep & Landing (2009) (TV) ... Production Company
Old Dogs (2009/I) ... Production Company
The Princess and the Frog (2009) ... Production Company
A Christmas Carol (2009) ... Production Company (presents)
Kniga masterov (2009) ... Production Company
G-Force (2009)
Up (2009) ... Production Company
The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story (2009) ... Production Company
Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) ... Production Company
Super Rhino (2009) (V) ... Production Company
Race to Witch Mountain (2009) ... Production Company
Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (2009) ... Production Company
High School Musical: O Desafio (2009) ... Production Company
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior 2 (2009) (TV)

What is the biggest car in the world?

Im curious to know what the biggest car in the world is :)

Biggest as in mass, length, width, engine size? Production car? Special builds?

Largest production car ever [thus far] was the 1936/37 Cadillac Series 75 at something daft like 6400mm (21ft) long. Currently a Rolls Royce at 20ft.
Widest production car - 1954 Chrysler Crown Imperial, currently the Lambo Aventador.
Tallest? Some Fiat from 1904 at 100inches, IIRC. Currently some awful thing from Japan.

Heaviest? Ever - WWII Mercedes Armoured Car at about 5 tonnes, currently the 3 tonne Maybach 62.

Biggest motor? Ever - again a Fiat from early last century at about 28 litres, currently Dodge Viper; somewhere around 20 litres LESS than the Fiat.

But probably the BIGGEST and most frightening thing ever created is the South African Marauder which you can buy and tax and insure and drive to work in it.

How to determine the mass of a car in lbm?

A car weights 2000 lb. Working directly with the formula “w = m g”, determine the mass of the car in slugs. Working again directly with the formula “w = m g”, determine the mass of the car in lbm. Solve this problem directly in US customary units. Do not convert to SI for intermediate calculations.

g in US system is 32.2 ft/sec2
then 2000 pounds = mass of the car x 32.2
then mass of the car is 2000/32.2 = 62.11 slugs

Good luck!

How Cad/Cam is used in manufacturing especially mass production?

Could someone explains to me ,how Cad/Cam is used in manufacturing especially mass production and how the manufacture has an effect on the environment by the use of energy , resources and waste production?

These are mainly software packages used to automate the design process which is generally used to make the prototype.This is generally used in lagge scale production.

What is the Assembly Line and what does it do?

1. What was the day it was invented? 2. What is the assembly line and what does it do? 3. Cause: why was it developed? 4. Effect: What was the importance of this invention? Please provide a source :)

an assembly line is a way of manufacturing. its a line of people, each of whom wields a certain part to the final product and passes it on to the next person who does the next step.
for example, to produce a car, someone might be cutting glass for the windsheild, the next person in line may be putting the glass onto the car, the next person may be actually connecting it to the car. my example is kind of bad but i cant really think of another.
it was developed in order to make production quicker. cars became more and more popular and were in higher demand, so the car manufacturers had to produce the cars quicker. so instead of having one person working on each car, they had a bunch of people working on one car, which made production faster and cheaper.
the invention is important because it allowed for mass production which, together with capitalism, produced a consumer nation. if it werent for the assembly line, most products would be less abundant and more expensive
according to this source, it was invented in 1901

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