What types of spiders live in indiana

spider bite?

i live in malaysia,and may i know if there is any poisonuos spider in malaysia??im really scared of them!!!! it so deadly

Yes, here are poisonous spiders in Malaysia. There is one that lives in the rain forest of malaysia that can spit poison. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider
This is another website that has all the types of spiders in Malaysia, http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/8983/spiders/spiders.html it should help you to see what types of spiders and if the spiders are poisonous and where the spiders like to hide and live so you can know where to look for them in your case though it would be that those places that the spiders can be found, you should stay away from. I don't like spiders and I am scared of them too.

What white spiders are present in Indiana?

I noticed a few white spiders in my house last week, and now its infested. i killed 20 of them in just my room when I got home tonight. I live in south bend, IN. these spiders are white and about 1/2-3/4in. long, and are always scurrying across the ceiling. I havent seen any webs though. Any ideas as to what type of spiders these are and whether they are poisonous?

It won't be a poisonous spider.
some cobweb spiders, and crab spiders are white in color.
both of these types of spider are harmless.
it sounds like an egg has hatched, and you have a small family
of them in your house. if there is little food for them, they will leave
on their own, or resort to cannibalism until very few remain.
a vacuum will make a faster job of them, and sticky traps
should get the rest, as well a some insects they feed on.

Are there poisious spiders in ohio?

Types living around the southeast area.

I live in Southern Ohio and have personally seen black widows and brown recluse. There are other types of poisonous spiders here though, I just don't know their names. Anyway, they all make the same noise when you squish them.

what kid of spiders are found in Massachusetts?

i live in a old home in massachusetts and my washer and dryer are in the basement i always see two different types of spiders down there black hairy ones and brown one just wondering if they could be dangerous im already terrified of them but ignore them. cant bring myself to kill them i would feel to guilty


They could be brown spiders or black widows! For the sake of your life hire someone to kill them!

Small white spider attracted to car?

A while ago (few months ago) I saw a very small, white spider on my car. (Only saw it because my car is black). I've never seen it before. A while later, I kept seeing these small white spiders on my car. They're only a centimeter or so big. I live in Indiana and have not vacationed outside of Indiana in the past year or two. The spider(s) seem to be attracted to my car, and after I looked a bit more closely at it, it looked partially translucent. What type of spider is it, is it dangerous, and what should I do about it? @daniel g The spider was a bit smaller than the ones you linked me.

These are likely ghost spiders or sac spiders. They are totally harmless, and you can do what ever you like. I just ignore them. I have a bunch around my place, even one right here on my desk lamp.
Chilling in her web as I type this. These are probably the spiders you see everywhere with that hand size web in plants, bushes, corners, around edges of your house etc.

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