What types of spiders live in florida

Wtf is up with all these spiders?? I live in Florida and i really want to know?

I live in Florida and there are constantly GIANT spiders in my house. Where are they coming from and what kind are these spiders??

i live in florida also they are most likely wolf spiders they are completley harmless but the other most common is the brown recluse which are extremly poisoness, you can tell if its a brown recluse if it had a violin type mark on their back, it is best if u get an extermanater to come out and spray around the house thats what we do every so months and it pretty much keeps them away hope this helped:]

spider bite?

i live in malaysia,and may i know if there is any poisonuos spider in malaysia??im really scared of them!!!! it so deadly

Yes, here are poisonous spiders in Malaysia. There is one that lives in the rain forest of malaysia that can spit poison. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider
This is another website that has all the types of spiders in Malaysia, http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/8983/spiders/spiders.html it should help you to see what types of spiders and if the spiders are poisonous and where the spiders like to hide and live so you can know where to look for them in your case though it would be that those places that the spiders can be found, you should stay away from. I don't like spiders and I am scared of them too.

Are there banana spiders in the Florida keys?

Going camping down there in January and I'm getting a little freaked out at the thought of possibly running into one (or more) of those bad boys...

It depends which type of banana spider you mean. There are two types of spiders which are referred to by that name, one being the Brazilian Wandering Spider, (Phoneutria nigriventer), and the other being Golden Orb Spiders, which are in the Nephila genus.
The Brazilian Wandering Spider is said to be the most venomous spider in the world, and they are not in Florida, but live in some parts of South America.
Golden Orb Spiders are harmless to humans, and are found in Florida.
Here are some pic's.
Brazilian Wandering Spider:
Golden Orb Spider:
Hope that helps.

Are there poisious spiders in ohio?

Types living around the southeast area.

I live in Southern Ohio and have personally seen black widows and brown recluse. There are other types of poisonous spiders here though, I just don't know their names. Anyway, they all make the same noise when you squish them.

what kid of spiders are found in Massachusetts?

i live in a old home in massachusetts and my washer and dryer are in the basement i always see two different types of spiders down there black hairy ones and brown one just wondering if they could be dangerous im already terrified of them but ignore them. cant bring myself to kill them i would feel to guilty


They could be brown spiders or black widows! For the sake of your life hire someone to kill them!

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