What Tv Show Was Brian Keith In?

Whatever happened to actor brian keith and the other cast of family affair fame?

The others were buffy ,jody And mr.french.

Brian Keith committed suicide after the death of his adult daughter, why don't you Google him, click image first then type in his name, find his biography. The one that played Buffy died of a drug overdose and the boy that played Jody is still alive and active in an organization that helps former child actors. Mr. French died ages ago, and the eldest daughter from the show is still alive but I forget her name. In fact Google the shows title.
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Is Brian coming back to Family Guy after he died?

Yes. I like how they redid the opening 'production number' with Vinny. 8^) But Vinny is not nearly as good a character as Brian. Brian was an integral part of the show, it wouldn't be the same show without him. There's been no real attempt to integrate Vinny into the cast, to have an episode about him, etc. Plus Brian and Stewie were so great together, you don't see that with Vinny.

I will stick my neck out here and predict that Brian will be back in another episode or two. I'm guessing, but I think it's pretty obvious.

Whats with the whole "Brian Griffin Dies" thing?

i keep seeing that they killed off brian from family guy..... is this even part of the show? if so, what episode?

brian died in the 12th season, 6th episode: Life of Brian

if you're wondering, brian is off family guy for good. the writers said they decided to get rid of brian because it would be fun to 'shake things up'. they also said, if they were to kill off one of the kids, it would be quite unrealistic. they decided that killing off brian (by an out-of-control car) would be more realistic. plus, it would be really mean to the voice actors of the other characters to say 'you're off the show because your character's dead'. they also wanted to introduce a new character, vinny, because seth loved the voice actor for him, and wanted him as a character for the show.

although it says on the episode list for family guy in the 'confirmed plots' section this: An unnamed episode will guest star Maya Rudolph as a runner whom Brian falls for and Glenn Howerton as the publisher of a children's book written by Joe. The episode is slated to air in the fall of 2014.[203]
who knows, maybe brian could be brought back, but i really doubt it.

i felt really sad that brian was killed off from the show, because he was one of my favourite character duos along with stewie. we'll all miss him.

Family Guy Fans: What do you think will happen to Brian Griffin?

They would probably show him in hell and he'd be like "well damn...." and of course stewie would go back in time and save him. They're best friends. Stewie would also probably kill Vinny.
The reason they killed him off is because the guy who voices him complained he had too many characters to voice and Brian hurt his voice, and he was afraid he was going to strain his voice. So instead of stopping the whole show when he looses his voice, they'll just kill one character off. Also, they probably did it because of ratings.

ORRRRR stewie keeps making clones of Brian. In the one episode he had ***** Stewie and made a clone if Brian. Maybe he'll fix it and lone Brian again.

what is the age of toby keith?

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