What time does Golden Corral close?

Answer by Leona G. on May 19 2006

You might get the hours open/close from the "locater" at this site.


Whats the closest golden corral to six flags in los angeles?

Me and my friends are going to six flags an we are planning to leave at 7:30 to go eat whats the closest golden corral to their so we can have time to eat before they close

Golden Corral
17635 Castleton St
City of Industry, CA 91748

Do you ever eat fruit for breakfast?

I have a place, close to where I live, called "The Golden Corral". They serve a Breakfast, that is to die for!! Me & my Brothers, go there on Sundays to be together. And have a great meal. They offer everything about anything to eat. And many different types of Fruits. I use fruit as my Dessert. I seems to make the Southern Breakfast, feel so much better. I hope you have a Golden Corral, near where you live?

why can't you open before 4 00?

we are seniors and we some times like to eat earlyer when we go after 4 o clock there is a crowd from work

perkins and golden corral are open at 11 am try calling those places because sometimes the lunch golden corral serves can be eaten for dinner

does any one want to know the golden corral secret?

what you do is go to golden corral at 10:30 so you can eat breakfast and lunch. lunch starts at 11:00

cool i'll have to try tmr or next week

what time does Golden Corral close on Sundays?

8 pm where I live..

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