What Time Does Florida Quit Selling Alcohol?

What time do they stop selling alcohol in Jacksonville, FL??

What time do they stop selling alcohol in Jacksonville, FL? Do they have Sunday restrictions or do they stop selling at a certain time in Duval County? Is there any website where I can look up the answer to these burning questions?

No, it's not SC (which is where I'm from) where they have blue laws. In Jacksonville you can buy alcohol any day of the week including Sundays. Every time I buy a little somethin somethin I forget if I can buy it or not because I just moved here. I don't know if there's a website, but you may want to do a google search of "blue laws/ Florida" and see what that gets you.

In what states can you purchase 40 oz beers?

I live Florida and I'm just looking for the closest state that sells 40s.

Most states allow the sale of 40 oz beer.
Some states have laws against selling 40 oz bottles of booze. You can usually find "32's" in those states.

Alcohol is usually heavily regulated by local and state governments. That is why some counties are completely dry. Some are dry on Sundays. Some limit what proofs can be sold.

"40's" are prohibited in Florida. I am assuming Alabama has a law similar to Florida's in that department. I'm curious where you saw one in Florida.

Also, remember sometimes the local laws don't apply when you are shopping on a military installation, like the Package Store or a Class Six. I think the highest proof for sell in Florida was 153 when I was last there. So we went to the nearest Class Six and bought some 190 proof grain alcohol.

At least for a brief period in the mid-1990s, some brands of malt liquor, including Olde English 800 and Mickey's, were available in even larger, 64-ounce glass bottles. In the United States, 40 oz bottles are not permitted in some states, such as Florida, where they are instead replaced by 32 oz bottles.[

Does beer in Florida have less alcohol than beer in most other states?

I know North Carolina, once if not still, had beer that was weaker, had less alcohol than beer elsewhere. I was recently in Florida and drank ALOT of beer each day but could not get a buzz at all. Normally I get a buzz from about 3-4 beers. I was in Destin which is very close to Alabama. I wonder if they could have bought from Alabama distributorship.

No, Florida is OK...it's Alabama you have to watch out for. Stumbled across this on wiki a few weeks ago. A list of all the states and their alcohol laws.


What time do stores stop selling alcohol in Abilene Texas?

What time do they stop selling hard liquor and after they stop can you still buy beer, wine coolers/ daiquiri’s or do they stop selling that also at the same time.

Go to THE ZONE!!!
It's off south 14th and the new hastings.

What time do they start and stop selling alcohol in Texas?

for hard liquor they ( liquor stores ) open at 10am & close at 9pm, but as far as beer & other alcohol that can be bought at a convenience, or grocery store the hours of selling are Mon-Fri 7am-midnight, Sat 7am-1am, and on Sunday it's 10am-midnight.

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