What Team On Fifa 13 Has The Most 5 Star Skillers?

How do you get fifa 13 points on ultimate team?

How to access points for packs

The FIFA Points are the FIFA currency. They are used to shopping.
You buy FIFA Points with Microsoft Point & PSN and then you buy packs with FIFA Points.

Learn everything about FIFA Points here:

FIFA 13 Points 4600 [you get 600 bonus points] Costs £21.93
FIFA 13 Points 2200 [you get 200 bonus points] costs £10.97
FIFA 13 Points 1575 [you get 75 bonus points] costs £8.22
FIFA 13 Points 1050 [you get 50 bonus points] costs £5.48
FIFA 13 Points 750 costs £4.11
FIFA 13 Points 500 costs £2.74
FIFA13 Points 250 costs £1.37
FIFA 13 Points 100 costs 55p

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Where can i find the ultimate team database for FIFA 13?

I want to quickly find out the best team to build on FIFA 13, and I have heard there are several good ultimate team FIFA 13 database online that give updated stats. Links to the best one please.

The one found at http://www.futhead.com/ is by far the most updated and popular FIFA 13 ultimate team database.

What are good trading methods on ultimate team?

I want to know what trading methods get good money in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team and what the peak times are to buy and sell. I do not have much cash; about 10k so what methods using this money can I use to get more money. Please include as much detail in your answer as possible. Will award a best answer. Any other will he appreciated. Thanks :)

There are several ways of making coins on FIFA Ultimate Team.
The best way to learn all of them is reading this article:

There's no better method than other. You must to try and choose the best for you.

The best hours to trade are between 3am and 7am.

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NFR- FIFA 13 UT web app is out tomorrow, anyone else excited about the new additions?

As far as Mexican players I had a pretty beast silver Mexican squad on fifa 12, was something like this Tala, T.Nilo, Maza, Perez, Ayala, Jona, Reyna, Fabian, Esqueda, Vela, De Nigris Now with some players added REYES, Pulido etc... this will be great Anyone else into Ultimate team? i didnt use to like it that much but i did play it quite a bit on FIFA 12 @jon- yea as long as you have played ultimate team on fifa 12 anytime from march-september you should be able to access it tomorrow at 1pm eastern time, this assuming it doesnt crash like last year. I also like opening packs but im not very lucky, i got a grand total of 1 in-form in fifa 12 and he was nothing special, i did get Kun Aguero though in the first few weeks the game was out so that was pretty epic

Wait this means we can make our UT teams early??? if so thats cool

On FIFA 10 I loved it and had a great team, FIFA 11 I never played it and then FIFA 12 I played it a lot again but starting at FIFA 12 I don't buy auctions, only packs because theyre more fun to build a team than just going out and buying players. Like I got Gerrard, Bale, an inform, etc. in a pack and it feels so much better lol

How do I Unlock the World XI team on fifa 2007 ?

I am trying to get the achievement to play 20 games with the World XI team on professional difficulty but i dont know how to unlock the team.

All FIFA 2007 cheats for PS2 are at http://www.absolute-playstation.com/ps2/playstation2-cheat-codes/fifa-2007-cheats.htm

Not sure if this is the version you want to know about

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