What Team Needs A Point Guard In Nba 2k13?

What are some good teams to play with as a pass first point guard on Nba 2k13?

I decided to be a pass first point guard. To set up my teammates and control the pace and flow of the game. But mostly all the teams have a star point guard. And I don't wanna take their spot because it takes away key games and also seems not as fun going against D Rose , Russell Westbrook , and etc. So can someone point me in the right direction giving me a good list of teams.

I suggest going to a team that needs star point guard, like Orlando, Sacramento, or if you want to play with some good players - Memphis with Gay, Marc Gasol, and Randolph. All depends on where you get selected in the draft.

How do you get a user created team on season mode in nba 2k13?

Hey peeps! Im having problems getting my user made team into season mode on Nba 2k13 for ps3. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong?

I have 2k13 but havn't used user created teams in season. Assosiation is a much better mode too. Its basically season but more like the real nba. I know that you can do it while creating a new association mode.

How to get my created team into association mode in NBA 2k13?

I created a team in NBA 2k13, but I can't get it into my association mode for some reason...

when you create an association, there is the initial options after you select create association.
you go down to customize league, select yes: after you adjust your other settings, instead of taking you straight to the team rotation/roles setup menu, it takes you to a team view, all 15 teams in each conference, now you can select one of the teams, and scroll through the options of teams to replace them and your created team will show up.

please note: your team must be a full 12 man team with jerseys and a city/team name

hope this helped :)

What are your wishes for NBA 2k14?

I wish the psp version: 1.) If you are playing mycareer I dont want to be a starter already I want to be a starter If I am the 1st-10th pick in the draft. I dont want an automatic starter. 2.) I want to have a press conference in the psp version of NBA 2k13 in mycareer mode. 3.) I want to have a real playerFG%. 4.)I wish restoring to default rosters would stop when I play the association mode. 5.)I want to have an All-Star Game MVP. 6.)I want to have a dunking contest and 3-point shootout 7.)I wish all the rookies are there even the second round picks because Robert Sacre is not in NBA 2k13 PSP. 8.)I want christmas jerseys and the alternate jerseys for all teams like OKC's alternate jersey and L.A Clippers powder blue chase jersey. 9.)I want the celebrity team and dream team FOR THE PSP. 10.) I want to have a four team trade. NBA 2k13 psp holds only until a three team trade. I want four team trade like what happen to dwight and Igoudala. 11.) I want to Create A player in NBA 2k14 psp more than five and I want to edit like PS3 version or XBOX version with pre-game rituals and shooting forms. If this happens I'll really buy NBA 2k14 psp even if it is more expensive than other new reales games.

The reasons that you probably won't get those things is because its on psp. Everything is pretty good on Xbox and PS3. I want the to fix up rondos game face (it looks nothing like him) also the players in the game are to stocky compared to real life

If you had more VC than you needed for NBA 2K13, what position and style would you pick for my career mode?

I have been playing NBA 2k13 for about a month to earn VC and I have racked up over 60K VC points. I am waiting to start my career after the real life NBA trade deadline to make sure I have updated rosters. Since I have over 60k VC making my player good quick want be a problem. My question is if I want a player similar to Lebron ( not necessarily his height and size, but his style of play. A great passer, scorer, rebounder, and defender.) What position and play style should I go with?

I would pick an athletic point guard that makes his teammates better, (dimer or floor general). Maybe I would throw a little bit of Derrick Rose in there too. ;)

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