What State Was Named In Honor Of King Louis Xiv?

Louis XIV vs Louis XVI?

Why was Louis XIV a better ruler than XVI? Please just state some reasons (eg. had a better economic policy), but I want to research myself. Thanks.

Louis XIV knew how to retain and maintain power, especially over the nobles. The very act of establishing Versailles as a seat of government control forced the nobles to come to him and seek his support. He was adept at playing the nobles off against each other. He is practically the archetype of absolute power. He certainly made mistakes (especially in foreign wars), but he kept a tight rein on his nobles. He lived and breathed politics, 24/7. (Louis XVI hated politics). Whether or not Louis XIV actually said, "I am the State," he lived as if he were.

Good books on Louis XIV:
Biography by John B. Wolf, Memoirs of Saint-Simon, and Liselotte's Letters (spicy and raunchy commentary by Elizabeth-Charlotte, Duchess of Orleans, Louis XIV's sister-in-law).

Why was it Louis great grandson who became king after him?

Why was it Louis XIV great grandson who became king after him? Why not someone whos a little more related to him?

Because Louis XIV lived so long his own son died before being able to take the throne. Louis XVI was the grandson of Louis XV for the same reason.

Who was Louis XIV in history? ?

Louis XIV of France ranks as one of the most remarkable monarchs in history. He reigned for 72 years, 54 of them he personally controlled French government. The 17th century is labeled as the age of Louis XIV. Since then his rule has been hailed as the supreme example of a type of government - absolutism. He epitomized the ideal of kingship. During his reign France stabilized and became one of the strongest powers in Europe.

During his reign France became the ideal culture since he put great care into its enhancement so he could boast it to the world. The country changed drastically from savage mediaeval ways to a more refined, exquisite living - evident from his palace in Versailles. Within 54 years he did what several kings worked on for centuries. French culture became one of the most appealing in the world, and the name Louis XIV has been associated with greatness and glory.

Louis XIV was a great monarch, and he was capable of maintaining strong kingdom because he never, in his entire life, doubted his right to be king.

His autocracy was indeed amazing, and truly an example of the kind. He lived and ruled as a king should have. Louis XIV became the ideal king, and many have tried unsuccessfully to live up to his glory.


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How did King XIV die?

Which fourteenth king are you referring to?

Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) died of gangrene.

Ptolemy XIV of Egypt (60 BC/59 BC - 44 BC) is thought to have been poisoned by his sister/wife, Cleopatra VII.

Eric XIV of Sweden (1533-1577) died from arsenic poisoning.

Was saint Louis a real saint?

Is saint Louis city named after a saint. Just asking

There are actually several saints named Louis recognized by the Roman Cathlic Church including:

St. Louis Bertrand
St. Louis de Montfort
St. Louis Ibachi
St. Louis IX King of France (ruled 1214 to 1270 AD)
St. Louis of Omura
St. Louis of Toulouse
St. Louis von Bruck

The City of St. Louis Missouri is named for Saint Louis IX, King of France

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