What State Uses The Electric Chair?

Can police take you to another state for an execution?

If you killed someone in state without the death penalty, are police allowed to take you to another state to have you executed? Does the electric chair hurt? Are lethal injections really painless?

If the crime you committed only occurred in one state, no, police cannot convict you out of that state for that crime.
The electric chair is no longer used in many places because of its inhumane persona
Lethal injections are knows to be painless in that in the 1rst of 3 shots, your nerves no longer recept to your brain

how many states have used the electric chair?

i am writing a research paper on the electric chair and i need to know how many states used the electric chair

26 states, NOT including the District of Colombia.
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Is the electric chair still used for the death penalty in the US? If not when was the last time?

Also, do you believe the electric chair to be a cruel and unusual punishment?

In the states of Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, the electric chair is still an option for execution. Oklahoma and Arkansas reserve it in case lethal injection is ever considered unconstitutional.

As for your moral question, I do believe it qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment because it rarely kills immediately, often requiring many shocks to actually kill the victim, not to mention that it's a primitive punishment device. Then again, I also believe we shouldn't have a death penalty at all because the chance of an innocent person being killed is there.

Was the electric chair an inhumane form of execution?

I have heard that there were instances of profuse bleeding and even the condemned man's hair catching on fire when US states still used the electric chair as the primary form of capital punishment. Was there any way to avoid these awful situations, such as shaving off the inmate hair before the execution? Also, why would they cover the inmate's eyes with a leather band/mask after being seated in the chair?Wouldn't this make the situation even worse for the inmate?

Imagine a person with the legal authority to order that a person is to be shaved and strapped into a chair and then have 50,000 volts run between his temples until his brain literally boils from the arching current within his cranial cavity dies. And they call that person of authority a fair and compassionate man, a scholar of the law, a judge. There is nothing humane about taking another persons life, no matter how it is done.

How is NYC capital punishment different from other states?

And how long does it take for a criminal case to come to trial? Why? - What are the sentencing guidelines for murder? And what makes a hate crime LEGALLY a hate-crime? Thanks so much for your help. These are some questions i need to be able to answer in my presentation, please help me out =/

I do not know what New York's method of capital punishment is or even if they have one. I know legally there are five different methods of capital punishment in the United States. I will list them and give a state that uses this method however some states have more than one method such as the condemned may choose electric chair or lethal injection. 1) Firing Squad (Utah) 2) Gas Chamber (California) 3) Electric Chair (Alabama) 4) Lethal Injection (Florida) 5) Hanging (Washington State). A hate crime is a crime that is committed on the basis of some prejudice such as racial, religious or homeless status. For Example in Florida if you hit a person, it could carry up to one year in the county jail. However if you call a black person the "N" word and hit them, that constitutes a hate crime and it carries up to five years in the state prison.

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