What State Touches The Most States?

what is the only state that touches 4 of the 5 great lakes?

what is the only state that touches 4 of the 5 great lakes?

Michigan has shorelines on Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie. Lake Ontario is off to the east.

The Province of Ontario touches all but Lake Michigan.

Michigan beats out Wisconsin (2 Great Lakes), New York (2), Minnesota (1), Illlinois (1), Indiana (1), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (1), and all the rest (0).

what state borders in australia touches the pacific ocean?

what state borders in australia touches the indian ocean? what state borders in australia touches the south pacific ocean? thank you in advance :)

Queensland - Coral Sea (South Pacifc Ocean)
New South Wales - Coral Sea and Tasman Sea
Victoria - Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean
South Australia - Southern Ocean
West Australia - Indian Ocean
Northern Territory - Timor Sea and Arafura Sea
Tasmania - Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean

Can cell phones text iPod touches with textplus?

Hi, Yesterday I recived an iPod touch 4 (8gb) for christmas. I downloaded the free app to it, textplus 4. I have been texting my friends all day yesterday, but I was wondering can cell phones text iPod touches, or does the iPod touch have to text the phone first since the iPod has no phone number? Thank you! Ps also can iPod touches text iPod touches using textplus 4?

Yes, cell phones can text you and your iPod automatically has a number when your using your textplus so as long as they know your number they can text you. Yes iPod touches can text iPod touches as long as both the iPods get numbers.

P.S. I recommend you use textfree because you don't have to pay to get your area code in your number and you can call on it as well.

David Wilson or Danario Alexander?

Who to start this week at Flex? Non-PPR league btw.

You have to start David Wilson. The Giants just announced yesterday that Bradshaw is out for week 15. This means not only will Wilson be doing all kick return duties, but he will get the majority of the touches out of the backfield as well. The Giants always have a pretty balanced rushing/passing attack, so he will get his touches. Alexander is an awesome player, but Wilson will get way more touches this week. More touches = higher upside! Do you really want to leave your fantasy playoffs in the hands of Phillip Rivers???? I didn't think so, start David Wilson.

What us states are the farthest north, east, south and west?

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From: geography.about.com/library/faq/blqznewsstates

Which U.S. states are the farthest north, south, east, and west?

Fascinatingly, Alaska is the state that is farthest north, east, and west while Hawaii is farthest south. The reason that Alaska is farthest east and west is due to the fact that the Aleutian Islands cross the 180° meridian of longitude, placing some of the islands actually in the Eastern Hemisphere and thus degrees east of Greenwich (and the Prime Meridian).
However, for practical (and non-riddle) purposes, the easternmost state is Maine, the northernmost and westernmost is Alaska, and the southernmost is Hawaii.

If you're only considering the 48 contiguous (lower) states, the easternmost state is Maine, the northernmost is Minnesota (the Angle Inlet of northern Minnesota at 49°23'N is north of the 49° boundary between the U.S. and Canada and well north of any point in Maine, no matter how the maps looks), the westernmost state is Washington, and the southernmost state is Florida.
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Which is the largest state? Alaska.
Which is the smallest state? Rhode Island.
Which state is the farthest north? Alaska.
Which state of the contiguous 48 states is farthest north? Minnesota. Some people would guess Maine, which is quite a ways farther south than the northern points of five of the states. Minnesota juts up toward Canada at one point.
Which state is farthest south? Hawaii (the Hawaiian Islands).
Which state of the contiguous 48 states is farthest south? Florida. Some people would guess Texas.
Which state is farthest west? Alaska.
Which state of the contiguous 48 states is farthest west? Washington. I mistakenly typed "California."
Which state is farthest east? This is not easy to answer. On a map of the USA, Maine would seem to be the farthest east. But, which place on the earth is farthest east? The answer to that would seem to be, the 180th line of longitude, which goes through Alaska. So Alaska is farther east than almost anywhere else on earth, including Maine.
Which state of the contiguous 48 states is farthest east? Maine.
How many states contact the St. Lawrence River (border on or have it run through them)? One, New York
In what state is the Grand Canyon? Arizona. A few people guess Colorado, probably because the Grand Canyon is part of the Colorado River.
Which state is closest to Bermuda? North Carolina.
Which state or states (besides Alaska and Hawaii) borders the fewest number of other states? Maine touches only one other state.
Which state or states borders the greatest number of other states? Missouri and Tennessee each border eight states.
What four states touch at one point? Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.
Which of the Great Lakes is/are entirely within the USA? Lake Michigan.

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