What State Does Mattyb Live In?

What State does MattyB Live?

i wonder what state he lives in

Um MattyB? Probably California or Atlanta.

But just saying, jdlueders is so much better. At least he doesn't use auto tune like MattyB.

How are Justin Bieber, Caitlin&Christian Beadles and MattyB Raps all related?

I know Justin Bieber and Caitlin dated, but how did MattyB get to know them? Are they all from the same town or something?

They are just all friends. They all live in Atlanta. i think MattyBRaps cousin Mars knows the beadles so thats how they know each other.

How much would it cost to have MattyB perform at my birthday party?

My birthday is coming up soon and I was going to ask my parents if I could have mattyB perform at my pool bday party! Does anyone know how much it would cost to have him perform a little concert at a pool party? Thank! I live in Savannah Georgia and I mean the adorable little rapper on youtube! Thanks

Is matty b the cute little rapper guy on youtube? If so, I wouldn't say too much (as in over 20K) but like I wouldn't say he's cheap simply because it's not easy getting him to come, and then transportation and everything depending on where you live is variable. I'd say a few thousands AT THE MINIMUM. Maybe he's bigger than I think he is so it might be more, but as far as I know he's not that famous, so probably a few thousand dollars (like 5,000?). I know when the Jonas Brothers were famous, a girl paid 250K to have them at her sweet sixteen, but you can't compare the jonas brothers' fame and matty b

How long do you have to live in Ohio to become a resident so you can have in-state tuition for Ohio State?

I really want to go to Ohio State University, and i heard that you only need to live there for 6 months to be a resident and then you can get in-state tuition costs. Is this true? Or do you have to live there longer?

It may be different, but i know for YSU (Youngstown State), you had to live here a year before the start of the semester in order to get the in-state resident price. Talk with admissions and see what they say.

Can i get Medicaid for my kids if live in another state?

I have six kids. 3 live with me and my girlfriend and 3 live with the ex in a different state than I. My household gets food stamps and Medicaid for the kids. I don't get medicaid but they have on file that the kids live with me and my girlfriend (mother). My question is: can i get Medicaid for the kids that live in another state? The ex can not get chip or Medicaid because she makes to much money living at home with her parents and does not have any bills to pay.

Medicaid is on a state by state basis. If they live in, for example Ohio, they'd need Ohio Medicaid. You can't apply from Florida, for Ohio Medicaid for them.

Bottom line . . . She would have to do it, not you.

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