What Schools Superscore Sat?

How many colleges superscore the SAT?

For anyone who doesn't know superscoring is taking the best sections of individual tests. Do most schools superscore the SAT? Which schools don't?

Hi, check out this blog post about Score Choice and how colleges evaluate your scores (it includes a link to a list of all the colleges that superscore and all those that employ other methods in evaluating your SAT scores):


I hope this is helpful.

What would be some good safety schools for me?

3.5 weighted GPA 2010 SAT superscore , 1990 regular score I just want to know some schools that have decent reputations but are easy to get into ? Don't care what state . Thank you !!

University of Arizona for sure, extremely easy to get into, but the academics are pretty good.... also try some UC schools such as UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz etc...

Does the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Superscore the SAT or ACT?

I am extremely interested in the University of Illinois and I would like someone to clear something up. I heard that they do not superscore the SAT (nothing is said about the ACT), but with the new selective score report, do they expect you to send every one of your scores even if it casts you in a poor light. Different websites say different things, so if you would post where you got the information, that would be greatly appreciated.

Why don't you contact the admissions office of the school directly./

Question about ACT plus writing?

I'm taking the ACT plus writing in a couple months, and I just had a couple questions about the writing part. Exactly what is the writing part? Do I just get a writing prompt and write an essay based on that? Also, what are the benefits? I signed up for the writing because I'm a pretty good writer, but I don't really understand why it's an option. Will that look better on a college resume? Will it raise my ACT score if I do well on it? Will that give me a better chance of getting into a college? Please help, thanks!

they will give you a topic like 'should colleges factor in community service on applications?' or 'should A students get discounts on drivers insurance?'

even though it says optional, ALWAYS do the essay for act.

this is because many schools allow you to combine area scores from different test dates for a 'superscore' but if the school requires it with the essay, it will only combine area scores from tests taken with the essay (yes, even if its the math or science or reading score you want to use). even if you dont plan to retake or superscore, it just looks better. even a mediocre act essay score looks better than avoiding it entirely.

guidelines are very similar to sat - http://gothamtutoring.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/the-sat-essay-dont-panic/ but act topics are actually usually a little easier to write about

Can you mix and match ACT scores with writing scores?

Let's say I take the ACT twice, and my composite score the second time is better than the first, but my writing score is better the first time. So can I send the second ACT score and the first writing score?

depends on your schools, some schools superscore ACT's as well as SAT's

others may not. For example: Yale, MIT, Columbia (i think), etc., etc.

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