What Schools Make Up The University Of Salamanca Today?

What are some schools that do not require the ACT Writing portion?

My buddy messed up and didn't take it, and now is struggling to find schools. We live in Ohio. Help?

Here are a few schools that are in or in the states surrounding Ohio that I know of that dont require ACT writing

Ohio University
Bowling Green State University
Ball State University
Kent State University
Western Michigan University
University of Pittsburgh
University of Kentucky
Marshall University
West Virginia University

What would be a couple good safety schools for me?

What do you think my chances are of getting into these schools? I have applied to University of Binghamton, University of Delaware, and Rutgers University. I have applied to the business schools at all of these schools. SAT 570 Math 500 Reading 450 writing I have a 91% gpa. Ranked 14 out of 117. I'm an Eagle Scout, In NHS, Varsity Baseball 2 years, varsity wrestling 4 years. Worked as an after school helper, and did Outward Bound.

A 1520 overall really hurts your chances of looking competitive, even if your GPA is as high as it is. I would really look toward some of the other, smaller schools in the area because I really am being nice, a 1520 is not very good.

Some good choices:

Broomfield College
Rider University
Felician College
...maybe New Jersey City University

(you'll notice all these schools are NJ schools, they have a history of letting people in mostly on GPA.)

Is my 3.0 GPA from a Big East school good enough to get be admitted in the following Graduate Schools?

Is my 3.0 GPA from a Big East school good enough to get be admitted in the following Graduate Schools? Texas A&M University of Illinois University of Alabama University of Maryland UMass Georgetown University Roosevelt University What schools should I apply to?

Probably not. Grad schools look for a 3.5+ GPA, but it also depends on other things like your GRE score and course of study.

Best colleges in Virginia for students with 3.1 GPA?

I'm at a local college in Virginia, and I plan on transferring at the end of next semester. I think I should apply to three or four schools. Two safeties, and Two reach schools. So far, I'm applying to Virginia Tech and George Mason University. I feel I should apply to one or two more. I planned on applying the the University of Virginia, but I feel that the application would be a waste of money. What are the next best schools to choose from?

You could try James Madison University or Christopher Newport University, or Old Dominion University as well. Also there's always VCU. ODU and VCU are definitely state schools, and I believe at least CNU is as well. I would have to double check JMU cause I'm no positive. Not positive what all of there transfer GPA limits are.

What good colleges/universities are there in hawaii?

I am majoring in psychology. Minor in music. I just want to make sure that if I ever were to go to a college or university in Hawaii, it would definitely have to be worth the money. Also I wouldn't mind a small list of all the colleges/universities over there.

Top Five Schools in Hawaii
University of Hawaii at Manoa
The University of Hawaii at Manoa is located about three miles inland from the state capital, Honolulu, in Manoa. The university was founded in 1907 as a land grant college of agriculture mechanical arts. Today, the university has about 14,030 undergraduates. Best known for its studies in agriculture and human resources, the university is one of the only universities focusing on tropical agriculture. It is the only university in Hawaii to compete in NCAA Division I.

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