What School Is Assigned To My Address?

what happens if a student went to a school not assigned to his home address?

what if a student went to a school not assigned to his home address? and the school officials went to the address and checked if the student lives there but they don't. does anyone know what might happen?

usually the student gets kicked out of school. happened to some friends of mine from high school.

How are IP addresses assigned?

I know that they are assigned by an ISP but here is my problem. I have a relative that insists that every computer has its own IP address that never changes. Wherever you go your address is the same. This is for security. I insist that the IP address is assigned by the ISP when you connect. If you sign in to the internet at a Starbucks there is no way to tell who signed on because any trace shows the Starbucks and not your computer. Please give me a link to a site that clearly explains it that I can send to him.

The mac address is assigned to the computer. The ISP-issued IP address is issued for the network services that you use.

How to go to different high school than assigned to go to?

How to go to different high school than assigned to go to? I currently go to the high school i am assigned to go to but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to transfer to another high school up the street but in my county. Please HELLLPPPP

Find out about the school you want to go to and research if there are any programs that they offer that you "really want to take advantage of"

I was halfway through high school when some district ppl wanted me to transfer to this supposedly closer high school. It was new and they needed students.

Instead of going to the new high school I had an administrative or teacher from the high school i wanted to go to make some phone calls because i really wanted to "join the science olympiad team" and they didn't offer it at the new school.

If the high school you want to go to has MPTA like a business geared course, or AVID assistance to get into college, or SCIENCE OLYMPIAD club for science competitions, they'll understand that you really want to get into college or something and let you go to the high school of your choice.

Once you're allowed to go to your high school of choice, you can "check out" the club or group but you don't necessarily have to join anyway. You're already at that high school and they'll most likely forget about it.

the other option, is to use someone else's address like the address of a family friend that lives in the district of the high school you want to go to. depending on where you live, you may not be able to do that though because they check and its also kind of a hassle because all of your information gets sent to that address.

Good luck with goin to the high school you want!

How does a DHCP server identify an specific computer before the dynamic IP address is assigned?

Each computer has a MAC addresses which is normally hard coded into the Network Card (it can be easily spoofed though), and the DHCP server tracks the MAC address and what IP addresses it assigned.

So a device may be using DHCP but may also get the same IP address because the DHCP is configured to give the same address to that device.

So if you have like a Tivo and always wanted it to get a certain IP address you can configure your DHCP server to give that IP address.

Now if this is a new machine coming online and there is no assigned IP address for that machine on the DHCP server then usually the DHCP server has a pool of unused IP addresses. It will pick the oldest one or unusued one.

The DHCP server is supposed to attempt to ping this IP addresses to see if it is in use. I say supposed to because some DHCP servers do not. If it is available then the IP address is assigned.

How are IP addresses assigned to clients?

1) How are IP addresses assigned to clients? please in details and 2) IPCONFIG - Explain the use and value of the Windows operating system tool, IPCONFIG, including how three of the most common switches are used (do not simply provide a definition of the switches). in detail. thank you

The ISP supplied router/modem connection is assigned a public IP address (outside), this is owned by your ISP.

On your home network the router/modem will supply a private IP address to all connected devices on the inside. Therefore multiple inside devices can connect to the internet through the single "outside" IP address. It's called nating (Network Address Translation). To put it simply, many "inside" devices can connect through a single "outside" address.

You can have a static "outside" address assigned to a connection but usually at a charge, this is useful if you are hosting websites, mail servers or business type permanent communication channels. It usually comes at a small cost.

Ipconfig gives you your machines network card assigned IP configuration. There is an IP address, a subnet mask, router (usually your router/modem (connection to anything outside your home network)) and if you use the /all switch will give you things like mac address, prefix etc.

So IPconfig on a local machine will give you the "home" IP address but not you internet connecting address. You can check that by looking at the router/modem config or by going to a web site that looks at what the return address is. Google something like "what's my public IP address".

See ya.

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