What President Ran For More Than Two Terms?

What prevents a former two-term president from running again?

Assuming a two term president leaves office at the end of his second term and another president serves one term. Can the former president run for re-election again, as this possible third term is not consecutive?

presidents used to be able to serve up to 4 terms in office but a law was passed by congress that the president can only now serve 2 terms. Once a president has served 2 terms they can not run for another term. This does not matter if there has been another president since that last president who served 2 terms. The president who has already served 2 terms can never serve another even if that President quit office half way through the 2nd term

How many terms can a US president serve?

I always thought a US president could only serve 2 terms in office (ie 2 terms of 4 years) but i beleve Franklin D Roosevelt was elected for 4 terms? So how many terms can a US president serve then? Am I right with 2 (which would mean rules have changed since Roosevelt's time) or can you serve more? ta (im from England by the way, so excuse my not knowing this!)

2 terms for a total of 8 years (4 years per term). Check out the source below for more info on the terms, conditions, and requirements to be a U.S. President. The law changed after Roosevelt was elected 4 times in a row. It stated that a president may only serve 2 terms. So, laws change and improve everyday.

are the vice president terms the same as the presidents?

The twelfth amendment mandates that the the service for vice president must be held to the same standards as president. The most common of these standards being age and whether or not you were born in the Unites States. The twenty second amendment mandates that a president is limited to only two presidential terms. This was created after FDR was elected a record four terms. Using these two amendments one would infer that a former president of two terms may not run for vice president, because if the president was to be relieved of power the vice president would step in, thereby violating the twenty second amendment. However, some interpret the twenty second amendment as restrictions on presidential election and not presidential service, and could therefore be able to run as vice president after serving two terms as president. No former president has ever run for vice president so the distinction of the the amendments have never been decided by the courts. To answer your question: sort of.

What is the eligibility period to serve as president?

Although one person is limited to two four year terms elected as president, if I recall correctly, an individual can actually serve more than eight years. For instance, the president resigns and then the vice-president finishes up the former president's term. After which I believe they can still run for two terms as president as long as their total time served does not exceed something on the order of nine years and change. My question is: How long is that eligibility period?

Ten years is the limit. For exactly the reason if the president dies in office than the VP can take over. That two years is added in there so that the VP can still have two full terms of their own.

Would it be possible for an American President to serve three terms ?

If they served two terms, then took a four year break, then could they get re-elected after four years?

A president may not be elected for three terms. Not even if he takes a four year break. It may be possible for a president to serve more than two terms if his first term he was a vice president that inherited the presidential office.

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