What President Killed Saddam Hussein?

Did saddam Hussein die because Barrack Hussein was going to be the next president?

They say a person dies so someone can be born. So did Saddam Hussein die and lose his presidency because Barrack Hussein was going to become president?

no he died because they hung him

Who was the US soldier that captured Saddam Hussein?

Reports of Saddam Hussein's capture in December 2003 has it: That a US soldier discovered Saddam Hussein in a hidey hole and said: "President Bush sends his compliments." Is that soldier's name known to history or was it with held for security reasons?

His name is Ben Matthews. He was a Spec 4 with the 4th Infantry Division at the time.

was it right for george bush to have killed saddam hussein for crimes he was said to have committed in 1982?

george bush did not have a clear justification for killing saddam hussein. do you think so?

George Bush didn't kill Saddam, that was a decision made by an Iraqi court.

What is clear is that Bush had no justification for the invasion, but that's another matter, as was Saddam using weapons supplied to him by Reagan and Rumsfeld, Saddam, a former CIA agent was very much a creation of the US.

Why was Saddam Hussein judged by AMERICAN court system?

1)Why G.W. Bush are not electrocuted for ignoring the UN and killed many innocents just like any other Terrorists or Saddam Hussein himself did? 2) Where is WMD ? What happened with that topic AFTER Saddam Hussein was captured? TRICKY NOTE : Saddam was brought to trial under the Iraqi interim government set up by U.S.-led forces. The Iraqi Interim Government was created by the United States and its coalition allies.

Do you realize that Bush is no longer the President and is Constitutionally forbid from running again so your entire point is irrelevant.

But even if he was still the President your points are still invalid.

1) The United States is the most powerful nation in the world. They do not have to answer to the UN (even if they did the UN does not electrocute people). Who do you suppose would enforce the order? Would it be a bunch of Canadians with blue berets and silly little white tanks (no artillery)

2) The hunt for WMD's was one of the many reasons we went into Iraq. The main reason was that we they failed to abide by the original cease fire agreement from Desert Storm. This treaty stated that if they did not abide by these terms we would resume hostilities. We did not need the permission of the goons at the UN.

3) Since the US was the conquering force they were the only government that could have carried on the trial. NO TRICK INVOLVED

How come Saddam Hussein got executed for killing thousands of Iraqis but Bush didn't?

Bush himself admitted there were no WMDs in Iraq and hence USA had no reason for military involvement in Iraq. Well then didn't Bush technically kill thousands of Iraqis for no reason just like Saddam did? Then how come Saddam got executed but Bush didn't? So it's okay if a U.S President does it but not an Iraqi President?

even the ICC ignores the crimes our western politicians commit but was quick to put the likes of sadam hussein,muamar gadafi,joseph kony and many other non-european minor war criminals on its most wanted list.

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