What nba team does daniel gibson play for

Who is you're favorite nba player, coach, stadium, and team?

mine are Ben Gordon Vinny Del Negro United Center Chicago Bulls

I will list all of my Favorites, excluding all of the Thunder Contents.

I really liked Daniel Gibson. I played with him at Texas, well at least I got to know him very, very well. He is really funny, along with being extremely nice.
Phil Jackson. His Legacy really Amazes and Amuses me at times. He has coached some of the NBA's Greatest. Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant. The list can go on.
Staples Center. I go there a lot, well because I play in the NBA. Also because there are Two Teams there, the Los Angeles Clippers & Lakers. Even though I'm Hated there (I'm on the Opposing Team).
Cavaliers. The Best Record in the NBA. Also, again my Friend Daniel Gibson is there. I always like going to Arco or having the Cavaliers come to Oklahoma City.

if there was one nba player you could??????(nba survey)?

if there was one nba player you could spend the whole day with who would it be? if there was one nba player you could beat up who would it be? what player would make you cry if he retired? what is the worst nba nickname you have ever heard? which nba player do you think worked their @ss off the hardest to get here? if you were an nba player for a day what team would you be on and why? why are you a fan?what makes you love the game of basketball? thx for the answers and haha peace4love bLaZeRfAn4LiFe

Daniel Gibson


Big Z


Wally Szczerbiak

The Cavs, because they're my team!

I'm a fan, because I know the best team when I see them! Just the whole game, the fans, and the Cavalier team! It's an amazing game!

rank my NBA 2K9 team?

i did not play any games and i did a lot of trading with Cleveland PG - Mike Bibby/Daniel Gibson SG - Iggy/Mario West SF - LeBron/Szcerbiak/Jawad Williams PF - Glen Davis/Joe Smith/Darnell Jackson C - Shaq/Lorenzen Wright

Good starting lineups.
Mike Bibby, LeBron, and Shaq.
But bad bench. Trade daniel gibson for another pg.


If you were a NBA player what team would absolutely not want to play for?

If you were a NBA player what team would absolutely not want to play for in terms of management or location NBA player as in being an all-star player not a benchwarmer.

I would love to make the league minimum salary but to answer the question LA Clippers yea i would be in a nice city but very few people would like my team because there is such a good team already in the city...also i hate losing and clippers do that a lot

NBA: Which team has the most 3 point shooters?

I know the Cavs have atleast 5. 1. Daniel Gibson 2. Delonte West 3. Mo Williams 4. Wally Szcerbiak 5. Sasha Pavlovic ( well he is a streaky shooter ) Star if you like! c[ :


Jameer can hit them
Anthony Johnson doesn't shoot them a whole lot, but can hit them.

That's almost the whole rostor and is all of the SFs, SGs, and two out of three PGs on the Magic.

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