What Nationality Speaks Hebrew?

Why is Nico Rosberg going by Germany nationality when his dad went under Finnish Nationality?

I know its his mothers but that Kinda confusing. Is there a reason?

As others have said, his mother is German and he has a German racing licence. Rosberg actually hardly speaks Finnish, despite his dual nationality.

Two other drivers in the same situation are Nelsinho Piquet (Brazilian/Dutch...but also born in Germany - and fluent in all 3 languages as well as English) and Adrian Sutil (Uruguayan/German).

what is the difference between hebrew and aramaic?

well I learn these languages are similar, I learn the old hebrew is very different to the modern hebrew that is used in the state of Israel, I would like to know if jewish rfabbis translate the Bible to the new modern hebrew from old hebrew and aramaic? since some parts of the hebrew bible are in these languages.. also aramaic is only spoken a small town in syria by christians is that true? what's happen with aramaic among jewish?

well Hebrew and Aramaic are somewhat similar but Aramaic and Arabic are even more similar, an arab speaking person can understand a person talking Aramaic without even knowing it is Aramaic more than a Hebrew speaking person, There is a lot of words that they both share. Arabic came out of Aramaic(So that makes Aramaic the Mother of Arabic basically) so they are the same actually.
Syria is not the only one who speaks it, but it is somehow a state Language with Arabic, there are more than one town who speak it , it is spoken all around its territory even in places were Muslims dominate the population and not only Christians speak it, that town you mentioned is Mallola and yes it is a Christian town in Syria which speaks Aramaic entirely and it is the Strongest Aramaic teaching place in the world, everyone there speak Aramaic and Arabic is rarely spoken there, Even schools teach in Aramaic and not because the people want it, they do but the Syrian Government wants to spread it entirely in Syria and make it a future state language and possibly forget Arabic .
It is just stronger in Syria than it is in any other place in the world and the reason for that is because the Syrian government allows the people to speak it in public and in front of anyone not like Iraq, iran, and Israel(I think, Well they ban Arabic in some places so they might do the same with Aramaic), Syrian government has also build schools that teach Aramaic to all Syrians of all religions. Syria is the only country in the world that teaches it, there is a video on youtube about it you should check it out.

Jews did speak it but they didn't find it, again the ones who found it would be the Arameans aka our modern day Syrians, Syria was called Aram and as the language says the nations name, England speaks English, France speaks French, Italy speak Italian, and Aram(Syria) speak Aramaic; people even call Aramiac the Soruyo language or something like that, as you notice it has the name Soria(WHich is Syria's name in Aramiac and Arabic and i believe Hebrew) Soria speak Soruyo.
So it would be normal to see Syria speak it more than the Jew or Israel in general.

Is there a difference between Hebrew and Yiddish?

when I was little I used to think Hebrew and yiddish were the same thing. Hebrew was the written word, and yiddish was the spoken word. And it was the language that the jews speak. But now that I think about it.. That doesn't really make sense. Are Hebrew and Yiddish actually different?

They are similar only in their Hebrew writing system.

Hebrew is Semitic, and Yiddish is Germanic. They are very different.

How much would it cost to get british nationality? Must I get dual nationality to drop my dutch nationality?

I have been living in britain for 7-8 years. I have dutch nationality but I want to change it to british? On the website it says naturalization costs £720, is that what everyone must pay and is paying? Do I have to get dual nationality to drop my dutch nationality?

Yes everyone must pay the same amount.
You can drop your dutch nationality, but it has to be done in front of a Dutch consular offical. I know there is a fee involved but not sure what it is. Also if you drop your Dutch citizenship before you take another you will be considered a stateless person. Think long and hard before doing this.

Since Yeshua spoke hebrew and evidently aramic,why would he take on a greek name?

when i met some one of another nationality i don't change my name and how it is said to please others? why was this liberty taken with his name? Almost the entire Old Testament was written in Hebrew during the thousand years of its composition. But a few chapters in the prophecies of Ezra and Daniel and one verse in Jeremiah were written in a language called Aramaic.

There is nothing wrong with it {if} Jesus means "savior" in greek meaning, if you speek greek this is how you would call out his name, so in english we should be calling him by the name of savior since this is his attribute and since Yeshua is the hebrew way of saying savior this is why we call him by that name, also this is the name the messenger told Miriam the wife of Yosef she should call him.

" You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free".

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