What Nationality Of Women Make The Best Wives?

What nationality has the most beautiful women? I think Hispanic beauty at its Apex is the most beautiful.?

The Muslim women are contagious too. What are the worlds most beautiful nationality of women?

Muslim is not a nationality it is a religion.

What nationality of men are the best in bed?

Just wondering what nationality most other women have found to be the best lovers. Now for the votes....... guys.....stop voting for your own nationality! LOL. this is a girl poll damnit


What nationality has the hottest men or women?

What nationality is the most attractive men/women and what nationality has the ugliest men/women ?

Very attractive people typically come from Italy, but I won't say ugliest because I don't want to sound racist.

My wife is dead, and I hate the fact I have to live alone. Where can I buy a new wife on the internet?

I always hear things such as mail order wives, where you buy a women from another country and get her delivered to your hosue to become your new wife, but I have never found a place to actually get one of these. I would also like to know which nationality of women would be the best, i.e. polish, russian ect.

IM so sorry for your loss...but you cant just purchase a human being! i meen you can but why? Start dating. best of luck

why are muslims allowed to have 5 wives?

Why are muslims allowed to have multiple wives? My father is a muslim and i am so glad that he decides not to have multiple wives, how would that make you feel?

Actually, it is only 4 (at any one time)
Because women are viewed, primarily, as chattels

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