What Nationality Has Green Eyes?

What nationality does green eyes come from?

I am wondering what nationality does green eyes come from. I do not know much of my haritage because my family really never talked about it and once I was old enough to be curious about it my grandmother passed away. My grandfather passed when I was just a few months old and my father passed when I was a little girl. My father had blue eyes and so does my mother. So I am wondering how I ended up with green eyes?

Just about any ethnicity from Iceland in the west to Northern India in the east. (There are plenty of ethnic groups in Asia, such as Pathans and Kurds, where green and hazel eyes occur.)

However, green eyes, like red hair, depend on a recessive gene, so there's no ethnic group where green is the normal or the commonest eye colour. For a mostly blue-eyed family to have an occasional green-eyed child is quite normal, Depending on how many people in a family's direct ancestry have that gene the family might produce one in a generation, or one only every second or third generation. You only mention two of your grandparents - for all you know, one or both of the other two may have had green eyes the same as you?

where do green eyes originate from?

is there a particular race/part of the world? I understand the genetics, my dad has green eyes and so do I. My mum has blue. I'm just interested in where most people with green eyes are, where they're most popular, what I may say about where my lineage descends from.

Green eyes are the product of moderate amounts of melanin. Only 1-2% of the world's population has green eyes and it is the least common eye color. Green eyes are most often found among people of Northern and Southern European origin. Countries with a high percentage of green eyes are Hungary, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.
I hope this helps =D
P.S. About 20% of the Hungarian population have green eyes!

What color eyeliner looks good with green eyes?

I have green eyes and use a dark green eyeliner, but I think they just make my eyes look darker and more browner. What color eyeliner would made my eyes stand out more? Thanks for your help! :)

green makes mine more green.. but then again my eyes are more towards hazle than green.


purple [violet or plum]
or black [duh]

Why did my cats eye turn green?

My cat is persian she used to have two blue eyes when her brother casper died one of her eyes turned green now she has a blue eye and a green eye oh and casper had green eyes btw suki had always had blue eyes. She was a fully grown cat and her eyes where blue and then ONE of her eyes turned eye when her brother died. He had TWO green eyes. SHE has always as blue eyes. Just to get that across.

eye colors change all the time. she's probably fine. i mean, would u be scared if your eyes changed?

How do i make my green blue eyes pop out?

How can i make my green eyes pop out? Every time i use black eyeliner it makes me look: tired, dull, and darker eyes. My eyes are blue green, what should i do? How do I do that?

To make your eyes pop out you need to use a few makeup tricks.
One: Use the complementary color of your eyes as eyeshadow.
if you're eyes are blue, use a Goldish color. If they are green , use a purple color. line your eyes with black eyeliner. for the best effect and add some lengthening mascara.
That should make your eyes pop.
if you want more of an effect, use white eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes near youre nose. it opens up your eyes

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