What Lipstick Color Does Kathie Lee Gifford Wear?

Do you know what channing all over your tatum stands for?

I know what it means lets see if you do.....

Kathie Lee Gifford started that when Channing was a guest on the Kathie Lee & Hoda Show. She sang it and then said, do you want to Hoda on my Kotb.

Do you know what lipstick does katy perry wear in the song last friday night?

I love the color of lipstick she wear when she's still a nerd. the color seems light and soft pink. does anyone know the name of the lipstick color? mac lipstick perharp?

I don't know exactly, but these shades might be pretty darn close to the look she has!!! Hope they help!


What is wrong with Kathie Lee and Hoda?

I was watching the "Today" show and noticed that they talk way to much! They constantly interrupt their guests and each other. And are they drinking? I always see a glass of what looks like red wine on their desk, and its very early in the morning! Anyways, I'm sure other people have noticed too. I wonder why they are still on air...?

It's Kathie Lee's job to keep the show moving. The network gives them too much to talk about and not enough time. Hoda is incapable of reading a story from the teleprompter and acts like she just doesn't care. Kathie Lee chooses her words better than Hoda. Many times Hoda has had to apologize.
The wine started as a 'gimmick' and they've continued with it. When the guests get off on other topics, Kathie Lee needs to interrupt to get them back on track. Kathie Lee has had more experience interviewing and joking around and Hoda hasn't. She was more of a serious journalist.

Why did Kathy Lee Gifford announce she was Catholic, and why did Jimmy Fallon look dismayed?

Why is it so surprising that an American is Catholic when most of the US is Christian? What a curious moment on Fallon.

Kathie Lee always said she was a born-again Christian. So what if she's Catholic? She went to Oral Roberts University - that's not catholic.

Why is Kathy lee so mean to Hoda?

Kathylee has the most abbrasive personality. I hate when she starts to pick on Hoda. I think Hoda is a nice person and some of the stuff Kathylee says to her and about her ticks me off.

Kathie Lee is just joking. She and Hoda are good friends. Hoda is the one who suggested Kathie Lee for the job. THey're great together.

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