What Language Are Android Apps Written In?

What is the most used programming language to build Android apps?

I am going to college very soon to learn web design but aside I want to teach my self to build Android apps. I read that they use JavaScript to build those apps. My question is: Is JavaScript the most used language to build Android apps? What are other commonly used languages to build Android apps? Thanks

Java is used to build Android apps, not Javascript! Using Java and the Android SDK is the way most apps are written. Java is a core language for Android and gives you access at a hardware level, which is preferred by allot of programmers. If you wanted something a little more simple which is easier to use then you can use the Corona SDK, a powerful and easy to use programming tool which takes allot of work out of programming in Java, you can also build any app for iOS as well. Corona SDK uses LUA as the main programming language and is in general a much easier language to use. You can use Java and the Android SDK or LUA and the Corona SDK.

In the Android Application developing is that used J Query ?

Hello Guys, I want to know that is that Android Apps Developer used J Query Language in the development of Android apps ?

Android apps are developed on Java and XML language. JQuery is not involved in developing Android apps.

How can i become an android developer?

Can somebody please help me out over email, in some steps. At least calrify what i need to learn etc. I know c++, jscript sort of, php sort of, Html and css. I tried app inventor, it was horrribly time consuming and limited, unintuitive. What do i need to learn. I will not learn java.

Read up on the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). http://developer.android.com/sdk/ndk/overview.html I have only glanced through the information, but it appears to be tools to work with the regular SDK to allow you to develop C and C++ apps in Java. However, if you want to develop 3d apps, you will also need to get the OpenGL ES libraries (OpenGL ES 1.1 if you are using Android 1.6+ and ES 2.0 for Android 2.x). I am in the process of downloading it, so I cannot give you any specific information on how well it works.

If you know scripting languages you may want to look into the Scripting Layer For Android (SL4A). http://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/ I don't know anything about this though, but I heard it allow developers to use scripting languages (python, javascript, lua, ruby, etc.) to write apps for Android. I am not sure if this is an app in it self that executes scripts written on an Android device or if this is some sort of toolkit or sdk that allow you to develop android apps in a scripting language.

Although you say you won't learn Java, I would recommend you learn it. It is what most Android apps use and it is what Android OS was designed to allow apps to use. You will probably find far more support for fixing problems with Java apps on your Android than you will when using other tools, such as the NDK. Also, it is another language to add to your resume... which will help next time you look for a job.

What programming language should I learn to make Android Apps?

Hello. I am relatively new to programming, I have a bit of knowledge about Android, and alot about computers (not programming) and I was wondering if there is a programming language for making Android apps, and how long it would take to learn it. thnx :) And by apps I mean high graphics games as well.

1. Java.
2. You need 2 to 3 years of hard-work.

What is the best programming language to use to develop apps for Android?

Does anybody know what is the best language to use to program apps for Android OS? Is Java the best way to go? I am currently programming exclusively with VB.NET, which in my understanding will not be able to do anything for Android. So, I have to start from scratch, I guess. However, the lesser I have to learn, will be much better.

The sdk states java so I assume this is the best option.

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