What kind of mammals live in the ocean

why all mammals do not live in the same kind of habitat?

1. Plenty of niches, and mammals have been around a long time and so have undergone evolutionary radiation to fill 'em.
2. There's no traditional gorilla food out in the ocean which is okay because gorillas don't swim. There's no blue whale food in the middle of Africa which is okay because blue whales can't walk.

what herbivores live in the ocean?

What kind of herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and decomposers live in the Mediterranean Sea?

The only marine mammal herbivores in the world (marine mammals include seals, whales, dolphins, etc) are manatees and dugongs.

What are these called? When an animal lives both in the ocean and outside of the ocean?

What is it called when an animal lives both in the ocean and outside of the ocean in land? For example, turtles, crabs, penguins, bears, snakes, alligators, hippos, ducks, etc. What are these called? Is there are specific name for it? When they live both in ocean and land? I mean an animal that can live and swim in the ocean for hours without going to the surface (humans can't do that). And also those animals to be able to live on land for hours and days and many days. Like turtles and crabs!... They can live in both. Really cool isn't it? If only I knew the name. I know there is a name for it because my mom knows the name for it in her language.

Alligators and turtles are both amphibious, and reptiles..

Penguins, hippos, are called aquatic mammals. Ducks are just called fowl. I don't thing there is a word to describe all of these in the English language. What language does your mother speak?

why are dolphins classified as mammals?

1) why are dolphins classified as mammals when they look so similar to fish such as sharks? 2) why are they so similar? thanks guys xx

Mammals are warm-blooded and, most importantly, have mammary glands to produce milk for their offspring. Dolphins have a body shape similar to a fish because they have evolved to live in the same environment. To survive in the ocean as a swimmer you need a hydrodynamic body shape to reduce drag and fins to propel, stabilize and steer you through the water. Body shape isn't particularly important from a classification standpoint. There are mammals who are adapted similarly to birds, for example (bats).

Other than being vaguely similar in body shape, they really aren't like fish in any way at all.

Most importantly, however, they are mammals because they evolved from mammals. The ancient ancestors of dolphins and other whales (and yes, dolphins are toothed whales), were land mammals. Gradually they evolved into something that was similar to a modern otter (able to function well on land and in the water), then something like a seal (much less able to function on land) and then a whale (not at all able to function on land).

To those answering something about eggs, you are wrong. Some sharks as well as other fish give birth to live young. A few mammals (monotremes) lay eggs. The signature feature of a mammal is mammary glands.

Wildlife of Hawaii.....?

What type of wildlife is there in Hawaii... specifically the island of Oahu? What kind of neat reptiles are there..... what kind of exotic mammals live there?

I know of the endangered Oahu 'elepaio, the pueo or Hawaiian owl, and native honeycreepers ('amakihi and 'apapane). In addition to that, Oahu is a biannual migration stop for the erotic mammals known as the Hawaiian tropic girls. b

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