What Kind Of Job Can You Get With A Felony Record?

Where can you apply if you have a felony?

My friend and I live in PA. He has a felony for larceny, and it's been hard for him to find a decent job. It's been 4 years since the incident, and he has maintained a clean record since. Where can he find work that will pay well? He was told EOE's but even they turn him away. Right now he can't afford what it would cost to expunge his record. Any suggestions? To Jessica: Good idea but where can he find places like that?

He has paid his debt and can legally apply for any job. His problem is prospective employers also have the right to deny employment to anyone they choose.
By the way, as far as I know, no amount of monies will cause a felony record to be expunged.

What kind of jobs can someone get if they have a pending felony on them?

I have a pending felony on me. I haven't been to court not one time. And I need a job bad to pay for everything. What kind of jobs can I get?

it's not on your record until you are found guilty

How can I get a felony record expunged?

More than 10 years ago I was convicted of felony forgery. I want to get a degree in Nursing. I've been told that it's not possible to take board exams or get a registered license as long as I have a felony record. How do I go about getting my felony record expunged?


What jobs are a violent felon allowed to do?

I know someone who committed a violent crime of passion (assault) and they received a felony for it. Their record will be expunged/sealed in about 6 months and I was wondering what kind of jobs could they apply for both before and after the sealing of the criminal record?

It is not true the expungement and sealing of records will prevent anyone from finding out about his record. Any government job and in some cases, any job where government licensing will be involved, will have access to those records, all the expungement and sealing will would prevent the record on showing up on a basic background check.

Most employers will ask if felony has been committed in the last 10 years; even with an expunged record, if he answers no and it comes to light later on, the employer can justifiably terminate him for lying on his job application.

Industries that are more forgiving of felonies are the skilled trades: construction, electrical, automotive techincian and masonry.

A starter job for many felons just out of prision is a warehouse job with Salvation Army and Goodwill or handler at a recycling plant.

How to expunge a felony record?

I currently live in South Dakota but was convicted of a felony in Indiana ten years ago. It was a class B felony for robbing a house. I am having a hard time getting a job now and would like to get the record sealed or expunged. I would really like to be able to work as a CNA but I can't find anywhere that will hire me with a record. Do I go about that in South Dakota or Indiana? Also any help or advice from people who have had this done would be great. Thanks for any information.

Try getting a pardon from the Governor of Indiana.
And don't answer yes when they ask if you have been convicted of a felony.
They normally only do a background check in the state that you are in. Try not to mention you lived in Indiana and they won't check there.

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