What Kind Of Birth Control Does Medicaid Cover?

Answer by Ann H. on Mar 3 2014

Mine only covers a few brands of pills and that's it. It doesn't cover the patch, the ring or any "trendy" (that is what medicaid referred to them as) medications. You best bet is to call the number on the back of your card and ask. Medicaid has several different plans so it depends which one you are on.

Does medicaid cover the mini pill? What birth control does it cover?

Well, i have the Molina Healthcare HMO. But does anybody else have medicaid on here and have birth control? What kind? I would prefer the pill but if it doesnt cover it, other options are welcome. I'm partially breastfeeding so i think the mini pill is the only kind of pill i can get on. Thanks!

Yes medicaid covers all planned parenthood. I am still breast feeding my 3 month old so the only pill I could take was the mini pill. I take Camila (the mini pill) and my medicaid covers 100%.

You can also get fitted for a diaphram at your OB-GYN or get an IUD such as Mirena.

Hope this helps and if not you can always call your local medicaid office and they can tell you what all is covered.

Does medicaid pay for the birth control called Implanon?

I'm interested to know so I can find better options in birth controls, I've heard good things about Implanon.

Yes, medicaid covers every kind of birth control. I got Nexplanon with it and it's practically the same thing.

what year did medicaid begin to pay for birth control?

when did medicaid start paying for birth control?

From the Nixon administration until the passage of the Deficit Reduction Act this year, family planning services (birth control) were clearly specified as a mandatory benefit under Medicaid.

Will Pregnancy Medicaid cover this?

I`m 7 months pregnant and fell the other day the baby is fine but i cant move my pinky finger and the finger next to it without extreme pain. If i went to the er or doctor for it would they cover it? and if it was fractured or broken will they cover it?

Medicaid is different state-by-state. I live in Montana, and the only Medicaid that covers everything is prenatal medicaid. I also lived in Washington for awhile and their medicaid was pretty all-inclusive at the time, too. The idea is that they want to keep the pregnant woman and her baby completely healthy, not just cover prenatal aoopintments and birth. In order to do that, they need to make sure you are going to the doc if you are sick, getting to the dentist, and being seen if you are injured!
I sprained my foot a couple weeks ago, and my prenatal medicaid covered my ER appointment. You can all the number on the back of your medicaid card if you are concerned, but a lot of the time when you are at the hospital or a clinic, they will call medicaid to make sure they will cover the visit, anyway. I haven't had medicaid turn down any kind of appointment. Definitely try and be seen.

Can I have a baby in colorado with ohio medicaid?

I would like to have my baby in colorado so that my grandma can be a part of the birth. She is disabled and can't easily come to me. However, I am low income and have medicaid through united healthcare. Will my medicaid still pay if I'm in a different state? It would mean so much to my grandma to see her grandchild be born :) Any info is appreciated!

Ohio Medicaid will not cover the expenses of a birth in another state if the birth occurs within the expected time frame of a normal term since the birth is classified as a planned event. Ohio Medicaid will only cover emergency procedures while you are out of state. While you may want your grandma to be a part of the birth, you cannot get everything you want in life.

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