What Is Zpd Reading Level?

What is the Reading Level for "The summer i turned pretty" by jenny han?

i mean like zpd and the number of points it gives. like i mean if a theres wak clifford book that was like 1.5 reading level and it gabve .5 points. see what i mean? yeah thats what im tkain about so what the reading level and points of the the summer i turned pretty?

AR level is 4.1 and it is worth 8 pt

My 1st grader just started the Accelerated Reader Program?

I just got her diagnostic report her Percentile Rank (PR) is 52% and her Zone of Promimal Development (ZPD..book level) is 1.1-2.1. For a beginner, is it normal for her to get that percentage rate or is she really bad at reading?

That's normal. I remember doing A.R.P in elementary, and we could check out books in the library, read them, and go on the computer and take a test on them. It was simple. The books were also rated by difficulty. Just have her read the books at her level, and continue to take the quizzes. If she wants, let her move up a level for some books, it can only improve her reading ability.

How is Vygotsky's theory (ZPD) still current in practice?

I need to sum up how his theory is still relevant in practice, and how exactly it does it Any example of how you'd know you were using his ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development).. But it's so hard to explain without it sounding like Piaget's schema Thank you! :)

Vygotsky's ZPD is having the teacher help the child do something that they can't normally do for themselves. Anytime a teacher assists a student in accomplishing a task, we are using ZPD. For example, if a child wants their coat zipped up, the teacher can "line up" the zipper, and then the child can pull the zipper up. The student can't completely zip the coat by themselves, but they don't need the teacher to do the whole thing for them, either.

How do you get kids to like to read and what books do you use?

Most kids early on do not like to read because they feel they are not proficient or successful at it. Here is what I do in my classroom, but of course, I do not know your district, or what grade you teach.

1. I give them a Star test to see what level they read at. This gives me a ZPD score, which stands for their zone of proximal development.

2. This ZPD score is like playing baseball. You have a high part, and a low part. If they played baseball, and a major league pitcher kept throwing the ball, they would never hit it. They also wouldn't get better. If someone slow pitched the ball, they would always hit it, but would get no better since the ball is always being pitched below their level.

3. I begin my kids in Accelerated Reader at the bottom of their ZPD. Say they start at a 2.1 (Which means 2nd grade, first month.)

4. They read four books at this level (you can get a books level from the Accelerated Reader website, or if your school has it, you can look it up.)

5. Once they pass four in a row, which they should make 100% on since you are slow pitching the ball, we move incrementally up to the next level. (2.2)

6. They repeat this process throughout the year.

7. At the middle and end of the year, you regive the star test and adjust the ZPD.

8. AWARDS: You have to have awards for them doing this work. You can discuss the book, give them a treat after passing each book, or what our school does is give them a certificate which different colored stickers are placed on. Each sticker represents something like as follows.....

25 books equals a certificate.
50 books and you get a bronze sticker.
75 books you get a silver sticker
100 books you get a gold sticker.
Read 10 caldecott books, and you get a green sticker.
Read 3 TN volunteer books, and you get a red sticker.
Read 10 Newberry books and you get a blue sticker.
Earn 100 points (Books are worth points) and you get the "WALL OF FAME," sticker, and your picture with the award on the schools wall.

At the end of the year, they hand out metals and trophies for all of these awards.

I make them log in their log book (Which I made on Word) each book they read, and what they made on their test, along with the date they took the test.

The kids get completely motivated by the reading, feel extremely successful, and don't even realize as the books slowly get harder, and they improve their reading, they continue to make 100's and feel the book was easy.

How does Vygotsky ZPD effect the way we teach reading to ks2 children ?

The teacher needs to help students as much as it is required so they learn what they can't by themselves, thus reaching the zone of potential development. Therefore, teaching them to read is not only letting them know how to pronounce and interpret graghemes, but helping them in the process of reading until they eventually develop certain abilities. They gradually will encounter yet more challenging tasks on which the teacher will continue to assist them.

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