What Is Zhu Tem?

My garden has been taken over by Zhu Zhu hamsters, any ideas how to exterminate them?

zhu zhu pet go here and there zhu zhu pets go everywhere!! just pick them up they dont bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zhu zhu pets for christmas?

did you get a zhu zhu pet for your child? I only got the hamsters for my children, not the house, etc

Your children will undoubtedly be excited to receive their new Zhu Zhu Pets as the pets are very active and entertain children. However, to get the most out of them you really need to get the accessories so that the Zhu Zhu pets can display their fulll range of abilities and so that you children can more fullly interact with them. Like the Zhu Zhu Pets themselves, the accessories are hard to find.

You can get some here:

Good luck and Merry Christmas

Zhu Zhu Pets? Please tell me where I can find Zhu Zhu Pets?

Where can I find Zhu Zhu Pets? I looked in Toys R Us, Walmart, but they don't have it anymore. They are too expensive to find on ebay. Thank you

You can keep looking and following up with local retail stores like Toys R Us, Walmart and Target to see if they have any in stock. I've called everyone around my area and I have been told they run out of them in a day. They never know when or IF they will get them again before Christmans.

If you really want to get a zhu zhu pet for Christmas, you just may need to look on-line to get one.

Check out http://getzhuzhupets.org

what are zhu zhu puppies?

zhu zhu puppies are basically the same as zhu zhu pets. They were introduced in 2011 by the company who released the original pets. The main difference is that these toys are not hamster anymore but dog puppies those bark and move around.

are zhu zhu pets for babies?

im thinking about getting a zhu zhu pet but i was wondering if they were for babies i meant not babies but would people make fun of me if i had one

Seriously? No.

Zhu zhu pets are for older kids who don't put everything in thier mouths.

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