What Is Xxl In Roman Numerals?

how many roman numerals?

Roman numerals can go as high as possible using special symbols. If you put a horizontal line above a number, it means to multiply that by 1000. However, this usage is not current anymore due to Roman numerals normally representing dates and other smaller numbers. Right now, the only Roman numerals commonly used are as follows:
I - 1
V - 5
X - 10
L - 50
C - 100
D - 500
M - 1000

Why does the Super Bowl use Roman numerals instead of the year?

Why is it that every Super Bowl ever, all of them used Roman numerals like (XXL) instead of the actual year? Its so confusing to be able to follow it right. Why do they think they so special that they have to use that instead of the year like every other sport?

This is just a guess, but maybe because the NFL season begins in one year and ends in another, so instead of using the year they number the seasons. Like I said just a guess!

How to write this in roman numerals?

How would you write the date 10/28/09 in Roman Numerals?

Learning Roman numerals is required in USA elementary schools. It is a very easy thing to learn and we use it a lot in our culture. Using a capital "I" is for 1. "II" is for #2 and "III" is for 3 but then changes when you get to the number 4 which is "IV" because 5 is a "V". 6 is "VI and 7 is "VII" until you get to 9 and then it changes to "IX" because 10 is an "X". Anyway there are only 7 characters you need to learn the whole thing.
Roman numerals, the numeric system of ancient Rome, uses combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet to signify values. The numbers 1 to 10 can be expressed in Roman numerals as follows:
I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X.
The Roman numeral system is decimal[1] but not directly positional and does not include a zero. It is a cousin of the Etruscan numerals. Use of Roman numerals persisted after the decline of the Roman Empire. In the 14th century, Roman numerals were largely abandoned in favor of Arabic numerals; however, they are still in use to this day in minor applications such as numbered lists or outlines, clock faces, numbering of pages preceding the main body of a book, successive political leaders or people with identical names, chords in music, some Copyright dates, and the numbering of certain annual events.
You only have to learn 7 letters and you will know how to count and write the whole system!
The first answer is correct.

What does XXl mean on athletic shirts?

For example it'll say, "property of michigan" XXL. Please tell. It doens't mean 2X, lmao.

XXL is not a valid Roman numeral. On clothing it means extra, extra large

how do i name these ionic compounds with roman numerals?

I need an explanation of how to name ionic compounds (with roman numerals Na (CrO ) ....2......4 AuO

You would not have to name Na2CrO4 with roman numerals. Roman numerals are used for compounds having a metal atom that can have more than one charge. This excludes Group 1A metals, Group 2A metals and (Al, Ga, Ge)=3+, (Zn, Cd)=2+ and Ag = 1+. For all other metals, we use roman numerals in the name that shows the charge on the metal ion, For example FeCl2 = Iron (II) chloride and FeCl3 = Iron (III) chloride. Be careful and don't think this has anything to do with subscripts, cause FeO = Iron (II) oxide and Fe2O3 = Iron (III) oxide.

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