What Is Xfinity Streampix?

How does XFINITY Streampix work on your TV?

I was looking into getting XFINITY Streampix, since it is cheaper than Netflix, but I can't find any information on how it will work with my TV. Can I watch it through the Wii like I am now with Netflix?

Currently, Streampix is only available to Comcast customers who have a digital box. Sometime this year it will become available on devices like the Xbox 360 and some Android devices. The Wii might be included as well.

xfinity streampix on on demand?

i have xfinity and i saw xfinity streampix on on demand. how can you find out if you have a subscription because it says the movies are "free with subscription" ?? is there a way to check online?

Call Comcast and ask what your account status is.

The number is on your monthly statement.

is there a way to check online?
You can start here:
you'll need to register.

when does comcast streampix come out?

also what is it excactly?

Streampix, called Xfinity Streampix, will allow you to view content on the web, your iPad and other mobile devices as well.

There is a catch with the service though, it will only be offered to subscribers of Comcast cable. That means if you live in an area where Comcast isn’t available you won’t be able to get access. For those that can get access it will cost an extra $4.99 per month. It will be offered at no additional cost on some cable packages (like those expensive “Triple Play” bundles).

It was due to go live today, Feb. 23.

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What are the lyrics to the Xfinity commercial?

Does anyone know the lyrics to the Xfinity commercial where there is a man on a computer singing about Xfinity. All I know is "It's fun for you, it's fun for me..."

It's fun to watch a funny show with everybody that you know and talk about it later at the water cooler. It's fun to catch up on the twists and then watch episodes you've missed while playing hooky from your job like Ferris Bueller. It's fun to DVR a show wherever when you're on the go and never have to worry that you're missing out. It's fun to watch new movies right away they're on demand not on delay if you're through with satellite come on and shout. It's fun for you, it's fun for me, it's fun for everyone who likes to watch TV. This is the way it's meant to be so come on everyone let's watch Xfinity. Come on everybody do Xfinity. Come on everybody do Xfinity.

When watching xfinity on iPad the moviea will stop playing or there is sound but movie stops.?

Stops and starts up sometimes What do I need to do to correct?

Reload the xfinity app. If that doesn't fix it, delete the xfinity app, restart the iPad (hold the home and sleep buttons until the Apple logo appears), reinstall the xfinity app from the App Store app on your iPad, restart the iPad again (same process), and hope for the best. If it still screws up, then check xfinity.TV on your computer to make sure it's not the connection.

After you go through that and it's still not working, call Comcast.

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