What Is Xbox Company Number?

can anyonye copy and paste me the shipping label to the xbox company?

i tried to go onto xbox support website but its blocked on my computer!can u help?

Lol this is not a good idea for you. Each shipping label has a tracking number so basically when you use the label someone gives you it will end up returning to their house.
Call 1 800 4MY XBOX
one of us will be able to email your one

Whats the safest company to ship an xbox 360 with?

Hey, so i have a custom made xbox 360 thats going to be very fragile that i need shipped to my house. Which shipping company in the united states has the safest package shipping? (Besides USPS, they already broke one xbox on me)

www.shipalliance.com has handled fragile stuff for me many times. they handle a lot of heavyweight items. so to ship an xbox with them might be more expensive, but they do a great job of handling! you can get a price right from their website too.

Can you take out a mod chip out of the Xbox 360 or play original games without getting banned?

I was given this modded Xbox 360 and wondering if it is possible to take it out and still play Live. If so than can I ask you where can I have it remove. Like any company or any number of a company would be nice. Or would I be banned if I play the original game (not the burned copy)? please I just need any advice or help. I don't want any criminal activity

you can get banned if you play burnt games on xbox live. but if you have the orginal disc to play on xbox live you will be right. if you have a burnt disc and you want to play on live do not update the game if its burnt they say around the 15th to the 20th of every month microsoft sends a scan to find people that play burnt games hope this helps just be careful

How to companies that mod xbox 360 controllers get their controllers?

How to companies that mod xbox 360 controllers get their controllers? Do they buy them from a store or do they have contract. What do they do to get their controllers. plz someone reply.

These companies have no special link with the xbox company because xbox does not like what they do to their controllers. The companies may buy them directly through xbox but xbox will not give them any discounts or promotions. It is just easier for them to buy them in bulk through xbox.

What is the phone number for xbox live support?

Recently I logged on and found out that my xbox live account was used on another console. I thought nothing of it at the time but noticed today that I was missing microsoft points. I've tried finding the phone number for customer billing support, but have had no luck whatsoever. Please help me find this phone number so that I can get my money back. I feel violated and am in no mood for trolls so please, serious answers only.


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