What Is Whatsapp?


If someone has my number and I don't have theirs (and vice-versa), can they still see me on whatsapp?

I LOVE WHATSAPP!!! sorry...anyway...
As long as someone has the other persons number and you both have whatsapp then yes.
for example if i had your number but you didnt have mine and we both had whatsapp, i can still talk to you. you wouldnt know who i am until i told you though.

If I uninstall and reinstall my whatsapp after it has expired will I get another free trial?

My whatsapp expired yesterday. Can I get another free trial with the same phone number?

To do that, just follow the steps given below-
Open your whatsapp and navigate to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.
Now Enter your mobile number in the blank field and Click on Delete my account button.
You have just deleted your account from whatsapp and you are no more on whatsapp.
Now create your new account for whatsapp messenger as previous.
At last check the expiry date of new whatsapp free trial by going to whatsapp Settings > Account > Payment Info. You’ll see that whatsapp free trial will be extended.
Hope that helps ;-) :-)

Will my contacts see I have whatsapp?

Hi I've recently got whatsapp, and I am wondering whether my contacts on my iPhone will see that I have it, as I do not want my sisters to find out as they are really annoying and will probably message me every 5 minutes.

yes when you have whatsapp on your whatsapp contact list is everyone on your phone's contact list who has whatsapp so naturally you appear on theirs. I don't think you can remove yourself from that but you could just put your status as busy and hopefully they won't bother you

Regarding Whatsapp on iPhones.?

Hello everyone; I have a question. When you add a friend's phone number to your contacts and you both have whatsapp, does your friend get a notification from Whatsapp saying that you joined or are on Whatsapp? Let me know. Thanks a lot for your help guys.

No. If you have a contact with a number that's in the WhatsApp database you'd see them under Favorites. No notification.

how to add someone on whatsapp?

i want to add some friends on whatsapp..tell me how?

just add his number in your phone contacts ..
then refresh your whatsapp favourites.. then you can see his name there. now have fun! :)
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