What Is Uob Bank Code?

sort code uob bank singapore katong branch?

Hi everybody :-) i need your help, somebody know sort code uob bank singapore katong branch? Thank you so much.

Google it. There is a lot of information on browsers.

Direct Deposit refund from IRS for Federal Tax missing. Can any one help please?

I relocated to Singapore few months back. So I provided my Singapore Bank's (which is UOB, United Overseas Bank) Account no and the routing no which is of Bank of New York for my Tax refund. Bank of New York is UOB Singapore's Correspondent bank. Well 'Where's my refund' page says it has been deposited on 16th Mar. But I dont see any money in my bank account. I think it has gone to some one else's account as Bank of New York cannot identify UOB Bank because I didn't provide SWIFT code. The tax form has no placeholder for SWIFT code too. Perhaps it has gone to a person who has an account with Bank Of New York and same account number as mine. I made a blunder I think. I could have lost money to some one else. Or does any know what I could do. Please help me. Thanks Kat But would the bank , which is Bank of New York in this case, have accepted, without my local bank's SWIFT code ?. Bank of New York is a correspondent bank so many banks around the world. Well, I am wondering if some one else has a Savings account with Bank of New York as the same account number (10 digited) if this bank provides local perosonal baking services , as savings and checkings account. Does the 'where's my refund' page confirm the direct deposit only once it is accepted by the bank or even before. If the latter then it means the bank has accepted the deposit in which case my money could have gone into wrong hands or is there a remote chance for the money to reach my local bank account here in Singapore even without the SWIFT code. But then how can Bank of New York identify this bank. Are the account numbers different internationally or something, or can it be duplicated across borders. Bank Account numbers should be like VISA card numbers.

The bank should reject the direct deposit back to the IRS
The IRS will then issue a paper check to the address of record that is shown on the return.

You can contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or
Taxpayers located outside the U.S. may also contact the IRS by mail at:

Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 920
Bensalem, PA 19020

Or you may telephone or FAX the Philadelphia Service Center office at:

Tel: 215-516-2000 (not toll-free)
Fax: 215-516-2555

What is Swift Code in a bank term? It is necessary to provide when bank to bank transaction is on process?

It is possible to manipulate my bank account when someone wish me to provide a swift code? I am a online seller and it's my first time to have a foreign client then she ask me for a swift code for me to be able to withdraw her payment. Is there any technique that online thief manipulate to transfer my money to their bank account without my knowledge? Thanks guys!

Do not worry. Yes, it is necessary for bank to bank transactions. The Swift Code is a bank identifier code. Your account is not affected.

For full information, please check the link.

The SWIFT Code for Chase Bank in New York City?

I live in Brooklyn, and I am having an incoming wire transfer. I need to know the Swift Code for the bank. Does the code change for every bank branch or is it 1 code for each bank in each city?

Swift code; CHASUS33XXX

Routing number: 021000021

Where from to get the IFSC code of AXIS Bank?

Hello, I am from INDIA. I want to know the IFSC Code of the AXIS Bank (old UTI Bank). Actually, I want to link my PayPal account with my AXIS Bank's account and for that purpose I need IFSC(Indian Financial System Code) Code of the Branch of AXIS Bank's where my account is. I had searched several places and have got that, but I need any authorized source of getting the IFSC Code.

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